Kate Hudson's hilarious new ads take a dig at expensive activewear brands.

Kate Hudson is going to make some (high-priced) enemies with the ads for her new activewear range.

Up to this point, her leisurewear company’s marketing strategy has involved a lot of aspirational pictures of Kate Hudson looking both fab and athletic (the company is called Fabletics). But the brand has combined jokes and swears to bring us a series of hilarious new ads that take a hefty dig at expensive exercise clothes sold by unnamed (but pretty obvious) competitors.

Holy sh*t that’s some expensive activewear. Imgae via Fabletics.

In their first ad, they take aim at the less-than-practical designs for clothes to exercise in. Imagine dropping a lot of cash on some new workout gear only to do downward dog and realise your classmates can see you p*ssy through your new “sheer-design” leggings…

See the first hilarious ad here:

Video via Fabletics

Both new ads seem to target famous, though unnamed, rival activewear labels, needling their competitors for being ridiculously overpriced.

In the second ad, the customer’s leggings keep going up in price.

“These leggings just went up $20,” the customer says as she approaches the counter.

“Yes, our leggings are new and improved: they’re black,” the painstakingly well-groomed shop assistant confides.

Video via Fabletics

We just hope Kate hasn’t gotten herself in too much trouble with the competition, otherwise it will be yoga mats at dawn.