The Today Show has stepped in to help Karl Stefanovic deal with his divorce.

Nine’s Karl Stefanovic has been told to step back over the summer and take a complete break from television to deal with his recent split from his wife Cassandra Thorburn.The news comes as rumours continue that Ms Thorburn has been in talks with Sunrise to work in opposition to her former partner.

Karl Stefanovic and his wife Cassandra Thorburn. Source: Getty
Channel Nine news boss Darren Wick told The Daily Telegraph that Stefanovic, 42, will be taking at least a month off work as he deals with family issues.

“Previously what we've done with Karl is that he has often shot 60 Minutes stories over the summer,” said Mr Wick.

“We don't want him doing that this year — just have a break. Obviously what he's working through with his family situation ... he needs to have a break and just rest and spend time with his family.”

Karl will be rested from November 26th. Image via Channel 9.
The news of the couple’s split in September, ending their 21-year marriage saw the spotlight thrust upon Ms Thorburn. She told Mum Central last week that the high-profile break-up had left her anxious.

“I don’t want to be scared to go out, but there are days when I dread going to the supermarket."

The mother-of-three said the end of her 21-year marriage to the Today host left her in a state of mourning.

“I’m grieving the loss of my relationship. The loss of my best friend and life partner,” she said.

According to the report, Stefanovic will be rested from November 26 the date when the ratings year ends.

Mr Wick said they want their star to have a break and come back “fresh”.

“He’s going to do that and come back fresh next year.”

Yesterday as Nine launched their 2017 line up, Stefanovic was announced as the host for prime time show This Time Next Year. The program is an observational series that follows Australians who have pledged to make major life changes over the course of a year.

Karl is currently hosting the US Election coverage. Via Twitter.
It's been no surprise that he wanted more challenges.

There was talk earlier this year that Stefanovic wanted out of the breakfast slot and a move into a more family friendly time zone.

“He had finished his contract and obviously was in a position of thinking “OK, do I want to go on with breakfast”,  Mr Wick said.

"Happily he stuck with breakfast television. I think it has really been the best thing for him and the show and the team.

“Everybody remembers Karl for his jokes. He’s a bit of a character. But he’s also one of the best breaking news anchors in this country.”

There is no news on whether his panel show, The Verdict, will return to the screen.

Stefanovic is currently in the US co-hosing Nine’s US Election coverage.