"It's just weak." Karl Stefanovic unleashes on Married at First Sight's Dean.

Married at First Sight‘s Dean is the type of reality TV villain you don’t think can get any worse, then he cheats on his fake wife and makes fun of her appearance behind her back.

What a guy.

His latest controversy took place on Sunday night, when he shared that while, yes, he had been cheating on his wife Tracey, he’d ended up having magical sex with her the previous night and it had completely changed his mind.

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It’s the romantic love story that really stands the test of time.

Now, the entire nation is weighing in on the moral compass of a 39-year-old man who, as a side note, also happens to moonlight as an Aussie rapper with the rap name ‘Visionz’ (kill. me.). And Today‘s Karl Stefanovic is no exception.

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This morning, Stefanovic unleashed on Dean Wells during an interview with two other Married at First Sight contestants, Charlene and Patrick.

“We have repeatedly asked Dean to come on the show. The invitation stands,” he said.

“Has he turned us down?” asked his co-host Georgie Gardner.

“He’s turned me down,” Karl said.


“He won’t come on the show. I won’t say too much, but the guy is soft if he doesn’t want to come on the show and answer.”

Karl then looked down the camera directed a challenge to the reality TV contestant: “Dean, come and have a chat to me if you are watching. Just come on the show and explain yourself. At the moment, it’s just weak.”

Earlier in the season, Dean did appear on Today, and was criticised by Stefanovic for his “sexist” comments during his wedding.

Tracey and Dean on The Today Show earlier in the season. Image via Channel 9.

Dean, who has expressed his 'traditional' views about marriage - that is, that a man should be in charge and a woman should obey her partner - mentioned his wife's 'rig' many times on their wedding day, and found it difficult to take his eyes off her chest as they were saying their vows. During his first appearance on Today, Stefanovic introduced him as "the most hated man in Australia".

The host also took issue with his language, which he said was "old school" at best, and "sexist... and offensive" at worst.

At the time, Dean told, "I personally don’t think anything I said was sexist and it breaks my heart for people to think I’m sexist because that’s not who I am at all".

In recent weeks, Dean has also been the target of another major voice in the media - Kyle Sandilands.

After the reality TV star delayed his interview with KISS FM by more than an hour, Sandilands called him "a piece of sh*t" on one show and told him to "shove your show in your arse," vowing to stop talking about the series on the radio show.

Eugh, honestly, what would any of us do without this level of drama in our lives.