Today Show's Karl Stefanovic took Connie Johnson on a date and things got very emotional.

After revealing herself to be a huge fan of Today, Love Your Sister co-founder Connie Johnson has been treated to an unforgettable date with television presenter Karl Stefanovic.

The 42-year-old Channel 9 co-host left the mum-of-two speechless after surprising her in her hometown of Canberra, joking, “I don’t think I’ve ever, in my life, had this effect on a woman.”

karl stefanovic connie johnson
Karl Stefanovic and Connie Johnson. Source: Channel 9.

"What other time can we do it," Stefanovic joked. "The kids are at school, your husband's at work, it's our time to shine, don't you reckon?"

Spending their time together at a local bar, the pair's day included a pub meal, some Barry White, conversations about cancer, and perhaps most incredibly, a surprise gig from Connie's favourite high school band, Spoonful.

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Speaking about the first time they met four years ago, Johnson said, "At first I thought, you know, I only had six or 12 months to live. And I've had all of this extra time and I'm grateful for it, especially with my kids, but I guess what a lot of people don't see is that that's really hard to get out of bed in the morning."


When Stefanovic, a father-of-three, asked what she was most proud of, Johnson referred to her two sons Willoughby and Hamilton.

karl stefanovic connie johnson
Karl Stefanovic and Connie Johnson. Source: Channel 9.

"I already know that they will grow up to be fine and will have a lot of people to guide them in my absence. If what they show now is just a part, then I can already say that I'm proud of them," she said, adding, "Parenting is hard, hey. And you just do your best for your kids. When you can and you know, not all days are good and we all have big parenting fails."

Tearing up, Stefanovic replied, "You're going to make me cry. But what a mum. What a mum. Super mum."

We couldn't agree more. Just, beautiful.