The Kardashian sisters just brutally confronted their brother over his engagement.

When news first broke of Rob Kardashian‘s engagement to Blac Chyna, many-an-eyebrow were raised as to how that union was really going to work within the confines of a Kardashian compound.

And now we know for sure that our surprise at the news wasn’t alone, with the Kardashian sisters’ reaction to the engagement previewed in the promo for next season’s Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

The findings? No-one was all that happy.

“You make sure that your girlfriend doesn’t publicly bash your sisters,” was the warning from Queen Kim upon the news that her brother had proposed to her sister’s boyfriend’s ex. Ha. It’s so much more confusing when you write that down.

Still confused about all of that? Just watch this instead. We can’t be bothered explaining it again and getting a headache. Post continues after video.

“He proposed in front of her whole family? That’s so f–ked up,” was the response from Khloe who was obviously over the moon and jumping for joy at the excitement of her brother’s engagement.

But if you found yourself shedding tear (just roll with me, here) for poor-old-family-awkward-one Rob, don’t fear. (Who said the Kardashians couldn’t be the subject of poetry…?)

Because Rob wasn’t having a bar of it.

“Listen to the hostility in your voice. That’s exactly why I don’t say anything. It’s the first time I ever proposed to someone in my life,” he said.

Ah, of course. We forget in that world it’s unusual to only ever propose to someone once.