8 burning questions we have about the Kardashians' multiple, bizarre Halloween costumes.

When it comes to dressing up and getting into the spirit of the holidays, the Kardashians are known to take things to the extreme.

Every year, they manage to find themselves coordinated outfits for their famous family Christmas card. But that’s not the only dress-up day they take seriously, the Kardashians always go above and beyond for Halloween. And this year was no different.

Well, it was a little different because this time the costumes were just straight up… weird. 

Yep, we thought the most surprising Kardashian Halloween costume of 2019 would be when Kylie dressed her daughter up as herself.

Alas, we were mistaken and things only got more bizarre from there. To the point where we began asking ourselves some very unusual questions. Like what on earth is happening with Kanye? Or why are Chicago’s feet very clearly not attached to her body?

But they were just a few of the thoughts that crossed our mind.

Here’s 8 urgent questions we have about the Kardashians’ Halloween costumes.

1. Why is the photoshop so… horrendously bad?

Let’s start with the obvious one because we’re all thinking it. Chicago has been very clearly photoshopped into the family photo and it isn’t… great.

In Kim’s Instagram post, she explains that Chicago was so afraid of Dino aka Kanye West, they had no choice but to photoshop her into the photo. Fair enough, it can be hard to get a family photo with that many toddlers. But the Kardashians have an absurd amount of money, so why can’t they afford someone with some decent photoshopping skills? I mean, WHERE ARE THE CHILD’S FEET?


2. Is Kanye… ok?

With Kim dressing up as Betty Rubble, you’d think Kanye would go as her husband Barney Rubble. Alas, he opted for a giant purple dinosaur costume with no visible air holes. It makes zero sense.

Image: Instagram.

3. What sick nightmare is this?

They could have stopped at the cute family Flintstones costume. But no, they decided to take those extra steps into the depth of hell and dress up as something straight from my nightmares.

Everyone meet the "West Worms". Part worm, part... alien?


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West Worms ???? ???????????????????? Prelude 1 Set to ???? Lorna Anderson

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4. Why is Chicago scared of a cuddly purple dinosaur but not a giant alien bug with claws?

This one is truly baffling. Chicago was so afraid of a cartoon purple dinosaur that Kim had no choice but to pay someone off the street to photoshop her into the photo. But when it came to a giant alien bug covered in spikes and what appears to be tarantula legs protruding from its chest, she's seemingly... chill.

We can't hold it against her, she's only one and probably has no idea what on earth is going on. But still, it's a little bizarre.

5. Um, did Kanye not get the weird worm memo?

So the idea is that they're supposedly meant to be "West Worms" but Kanye is very clearly... not a worm. Truthfully, I'm really not sure what he is, but it's definitely not in the worm family. Which brings me back to question number two... is Kanye ok?

Spot the odd one out. Image: Instagram.

6. Is anyone really enjoying this?

Once you get past the initial shock of the costumes, you start to ask yourself is anyone really enjoying this? Baby Psalm is trapped in some sort of bizarre larva sack wondering when this madness is going to end and his brother Saint is off to the side questioning why he's had to change Halloween costumes five times that day. The only one who really looks like they're enjoying themselves is Chicago. But we think the lollipop bribe could have something to do with it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Look at those faces. Image: Instagram.

7. Also, does Kim not realise Halloween is... over?

When Kim posted the photo of her third Halloween costume on Instagram on Saturday, fans were quick to point out that Halloween had already come and gone. And on behalf of all people with eyeballs, we probably could have gone without seeing those haunting alien bugs this year.


8. Finally... why the heck can't the Kardashians afford good photoshop artists?

Khloe Kardashian is continuing the family tradition of bad photoshops. But when you go to the effort of tracking down a black and white spotted wig and painting your child's face to resemble a dalmatian, why bother with the dodgy photoshopped dogs? It's really not... great.

Seriously, who is photo-shopping this? Image: Instagram.

What do you think of the Kardashian's family Halloween costumes? Tell us in the comments below.