Justin Trudeau just trashed talked Prince Harry and Michelle Obama on Instagram and we want to marry him.

Dear Mr Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. (Can I call you JT? I feel like you’re cool enough to let me call you JT.)

Listen up, JT. I’m a little bit in love with you.

Before you go calling your bodyguards to restrain me, I am a) nowhere near your house and b) talking about you in a political sense. Despite the fact that you are so handsome you make women everywhere blush, I don’t wish to objectify you and pretend that your looks are all you have to offer, as I would be furious if that was done to a female politician.

However, I very much enjoyed your campaign video last year that was based on your luscious, luscious hair. Because it showed that you have a great sense of humour, and it discussed your luscious, luscious hair.

Video via Liberal Video

Okay, I’m done talking about your hair. You’re probably sick of people doing that. Our former PM Julia Gillard would sympathise with you.

Anyway, the reason I have a bit of a political crush on you is not because of your looks. It’s because of that glorious, delicious f-word. That f-word that drops like a bomb in a room of politicians. That word that makes me feel a little bit excited.


You said it best, JT. “We shouldn’t be afraid of the word ‘feminist’. Men and women should use it to describe themselves any time they want.” BOOM. F-bomb explodes. “The Liberal government is committed to working with the provinces and territories to ensure that women receive equal pay for equal work.” BOOM. Take shelter, lesser politicians.

“The days when old men get to decide what a woman does with her body are long gone. Times have changed for the better.” BOOOOOOOOOM. And by the way, thanks for banning any future candidates from joining your political party if they don’t support a woman’s right to choose. That was pretty chill of you. (Okay, it was awesome. I’m gushing again.)


You might have a big LOL at this JT, but down here in Australia, this is how the last few years have panned out: We had a male as a Minister for Women for two years (you’ve probably heard of him; Tony Abbott? Smells like onions? Anyway, he was pretty busy at the time and didn’t reallllly do any Woman-Ministering), how silly is that? And now, our Minister for Women is actually a woman (progress! Yesss!). But she doesn’t consider herself a feminist (…oh. So close).

Not everybody can use the f-word like you can, JT. Thanks.

And while I’m thanking you, thanks for balancing your cabinet too. It seems so obvious, to have a cabinet that is half-woman, half-man (as in, the same amount of men and women, not a half-woman half-man person. Though that would be even more progressive, and you should do it. You’re probably already planning to, given your political advocation for the rights of transgender people. Legend).

Last year, when a reporter asked you why you found it important to balance your cabinet, you said “because it’s 2015”. I don’t want to bang on about our Aussie saga, but we only have six women in cabinet, and 15 men – more than twice the amount of men than women. I guess our PM doesn’t know what year it is like you do.

You said that your ethnically diverse cabinet of 15 men and 15 women “looks like Canada”. Our cabinet could probably be described as “looks like the eastern suburbs”.

Anytime you want to visit, please do. You can stay in my spare room while we discuss the f-word. I’m not hitting on you. Seriously. I just think we could use a bit of help when you’re done fixing Canada.


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Thanks for all the good stuff you're doing. Those Canadian ladies are lucky to have you, eh?

Keep up the good work,

Lucy G.

PS. I like your good taste in socks. Colourful and uplifting, like your views.

PPS. I heard that you once acted in a Canadian film about World War I. Generally, I don't require that in a Prime Minister... but damn, you're cool.