Podcast: Just Between Us tries out a Barre Body class.

Every day I feel my metabolism getting slower.  In my 20s, I could lose weight by skipping a daily Snickers bar, in my 30s, I’d replace the focaccia with porridge. In my late 40s, it seems ABSOLUTELY BLOODY NOTHING works. Even eating nothing.

I’m thickening, becoming squarer and more solid, so losing weight now involves massive effort and denial – two things I’m really not good at.

That’s why for this week’s Just Between Us podcast I let Rebecca Huntley drag me to what she described as a ‘bar class’.

I thought there’d be cocktails. I thought there’d be wine. I thought there’d be nuts.

Before Class

But this was actually a 'barre class'. Different thing altogether. There was just pain and humiliation and a very sore bottom.

On the podcats, you'll find out what a barre class is, where it came from and why it's the latest trend in exercise among the young folk.

Here's how the young Mamamia girls look doing the class

... And what happens when two middle-aged ladies take on a youngsters' trend.

Here's how we look after the class

You can listen here on iTunes and below:

Plus, a ENSP and a ENSJ go head to head on whether personality tests are useful or a scam (Rebecca is like Nelson Mandela and I'm like Robin Williams but we're both kidding ourselves).

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