What Fashion Week looks like at Julia Morris’ house.

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From models’ faces wrapped in fishing line to structurally mind-blowing dresses, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week has been serving up some rather bold looks.

However, they’ve all been upstaged by a truly game-changing ensemble that hit the catwalk at a satellite Fashion Week event overnight. Prepare to be blown away by a pastel palette and textural combination like you’ve never seen before.

While this eye-catching look wasn’t modelled by Bella Hadid, it was sashayed down the catwalk by one of Australia’s best and brightest: Ms Julia Morris.

And by “at a satellite Fashion Week event”, we really mean… in her backyard.

Fashion Week at my place #FWAMP #backyardstyle #dfopeteralexander #piggies jx

A photo posted by Julia Morris (@ladyjuliamorris) on May 19, 2016 at 2:38am PDT

Last night, the comedian and House Husbands star shared the evidence of what Fashion Week looks like in her household on Instagram.


The answer: a plush-looking Peter Alexander dressing gown from DFO (with the hood pulled up, natch), tied over grey PJ pants.

Like any talented stylist, Morris understands the importance of details, and it shows. She’s teamed her pastel outfit with thick-framed glasses and piglet slippers, which one of her commenters described as “so very Gucci”.

Watch: All the red carpet action from the 69th Cannes Film Festival. No PJs to be seen here, folks. (Post continues after video.)

Video via Reuters

A look this bold requires a strong pose, and the 48-year-old certainly delivered, hitting the ultimate modelling trifecta: one bent knee, hand on hip, #fashun face.

For the uninitiated, #fashun face involves holding your mouth slightly agape and gazing off into the distance with a slightly distainful expression, as if you’re terribly bored by this whole catwalk caper.

It goes without saying that only the most seasoned models can pull it off. Look out Miranda Kerr, Lady J-Mo is comin’ for you. (Post continues after gallery.)

Ultimately, as the esteemed Derek Zoolander might say, Morris’ look is so hot right now.

Quite literally; that dressing gown looks super warm. Finally, proof that style and comfort are not mutually exclusive.

What’s your go-to “ensemble” at home? Does it top this effort?

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