Josh Thomas has way more hair than he did in 2012. Now we know why.

Hair transplant. Josh Thomas (actor, screenwriter, funny dude) got a hair transplant.

For those of you who haven’t been an admirer of the 29-year-old since the dawn of time like I have, you mightn’t have noticed that Josh plays with his hair a lot. Like, a lot, a lot. And for the last couple of years, there have been handfuls more to play with.

It’s a curious observation that Good Weekend writer, Amanda Hooton, asked the Please Like Me creator about.

“Oh, I got a hair transplant between series two and three,” Josh says of his scalp’s evolution since filming his critically acclaimed ABC TV show.

Jack Donaghy selfie.

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“They cut a strip of your hair from [your lower scalp around your ears], and they slice it into tiny pieces, and sew it on [to the top of your head].”


It’s all so fascinating… and a little bit ’80s.

“It grows forever,” Josh said. “People who go bald either aren’t paying attention, or don’t want to take a pill every day that slightly adjusts their hormones.”

It’s a change that not many – with the exception of a few avid fans on Facebook – have noticed, Josh says. (The image below is of Josh pre-transplant.)

Me and bus-me.

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Josh Thomas isn’t alone when it comes to male celebrities and scalp surgery. Other A-listers rumoured to have signed up for the procedure for thick locks include Matthew McConaughey, Elton John, Mel Gibson and David Beckham.

The time-consuming process can cost anywhere between $2000 and $30,000 (WOAH), depending on how much the scalp has balded. The average price is reportedly $10,200.