The 12 biggest takeways from JoJo Siwa's Call Her Daddy interview.

We never thought JoJo Siwa would become one of the most talked-about celebrities in 2024, and yet here we are. Amid a whirlwind media campaign that has involved a rebrand and new music, Siwa sat down for an extended interview on one of the biggest podcasts in the world — and she didn't hold back.

During a bare-all chat on the Call Her Daddy podcast, Siwa let rip while speaking to host Alex Cooper. Throughout the almost two-hour interview, the 20-year-old unpacked everything from her dating history to her coming-out experience, and even what it was like being the breadwinner for her entire family.

Here are the 12 biggest takeaways from Siwa's Call Her Daddy interview.

She's kicked her family out.

Ever since Siwa burst onto the scenes as a plucky young nine-year-old starring in the Dance Moms franchise, we've been brought in on her family life. Her mum, Jessalynn Siwa, has been her longtime manager, and she has lived with her brother and father all under the one roof in LA for some time.

Siwa has now opened up about finally branching out and living on her own. After years of building a "custom" house (including a studio on the property) for her career needs, Siwa has finally told her family to move out.


"By April 1st, someone's gotta give," she recalls saying to them. And when asked if she missed having them around, Siwa said: "All day today I was stoked."

She went on to talk about what it was like being the breadwinner for the family and the pressures of financially supporting them all. While she admits it was an unconventional childhood where she paid for everything, her family never "took advantage" of her.

What she thinks of Dance Moms' head honcho Abby Lee Miller now.

Siwa opened up about her current relationship with contentious Dance Moms figurehead, Abby Lee Miller.

"My relationship with Abbey now is amazing," she said. "I was there to make a TV show, she was there to make a TV show, and that is how dance teachers are."


She moved in with her first girlfriend at 16.

At this point, we're all well aware of the fact that Siwa had a different kind of upbringing. But something that might surprise fans is that at just 16 years old, her then-17-year-old girlfriend Kylie Prew moved into Siwa's family home.

JoJo Siwa and Kylie Prew. Image: Instagram/@itsjojosiwa.


During the interview she made reference to herself as a "U-Haul lesbian", a term given to couples who move in together quickly after beginning their relationship. Looking back at her domestic living situation, Siwa says she has some regrets. She even said her mum told her, "That never should have happened."

Trauma after a safety breach with her ex.

While she was conscious not to name names, Siwa opened up about trauma she has experienced with an ex. At one point, an incident occurred in which she needed to get security involved. Now Siwa believes she was traumatised by the incident, and the experience has made her take things more slowly on the dating scene.

Now, anyone she dates must go through a strict security background check to ensure her safety is upheld.

"I hate that I have to do it," she said.

Her new 'adult, naughty-girl phase'.

If you've been anywhere online lately, you would have noticed a new era of JoJo Siwa, and it's all by design. She told Cooper, "I'm entering this new adult, naughty-girl phase."

As part of her transition from child star to adult, Siwa said she wiped her Instagram to erase all of her Nickelodeon days. She went from 6,000 posts to 170 in order to give off a new grown up public image.


Despite this, she says she'll never look down on her past endeavours.

"I will always have the respect for my childhood," she said. "The bow was a magical thing, we are never going to be ashamed of it."

She doesn't love all of her past.

Despite being proud of her career trajectory, Siwa did reference some moments she is ashamed of — one of them being a song she released years ago that, these days, doesn't feel very inclusive. 

Back in 2018 she released the song 'Every Girl's a Super Girl' but she wishes the lyrics included all genders.


"I hate that it discludes [sic] boys," she said.

Another thing she cringes over? Her recent on-stage antics at Aussie musician G-Flip's concert.

"I f**ked the air essentially," she said, adding, "I would make fun of me too."

@itsjojosiwa THE 3 GAYEST PEOPLE ALIVE.🔥 When @G FLIP calls and asks you to perform GAY4ME with them and @lauren sanderson ♬ original sound - JoJo Siwa

She doesn't call herself a singer.

Hot on the heels of releasing her new song 'Karma', Siwa wants us all to know she doesn't claim to be a singer.

"I will rarely, pretty much never, I'm going to say, never, claim to be a singer," she said. "I will claim to be an artist or a performer, but I know my vocal abilities."

She has plans for starting a family.

You may have seen her go viral recently for a red carpet interview in which she opened up about her future children's names: Freddy, Eddie and Teddy.

While this moment has opened her up to a fair bit of ridicule online, Siwa says the names started out as a joke but have become a very real part of her plans to become a mother. 

The star said would like to start a family in the next three to four years, and is more concerned about becoming a parent than finding a parent. After a difficult run of relationships, she's ready to focus on making plans to be a mum to a little girl named Freddy and twin boys named Eddie and Teddy, who she will homeschool.

Her edgy new look.

As part of her transition to a new adult look, Siwa said she had to resign the bows and develop a new style to suit her new sound.

When she first heard the lyrics for 'Karma', she realised it would take a big transformation to pull off the lyrics, "I'm a bad girl, I did some bad things."


Cue KISS makeup at the recent iHeart Radio Music Awards.

JoJo Siwa. Image: Getty.

On coming out.

Siwa also opened up about the reception she received when she publically came out as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community at 17.


She recalls the President of Nickelodeon asking her, "what are we going to tell the partners?" before telling her she needs to "assure" stakeholders she wasn't "going crazy".

She spoke about posting a picture with her then-girlfriend to Instagram and the wide range of comments she received. Among the 90,000 comments, some were positive however a large number were hurtful and condemned her sexual orientation.

"I didn't understand it," she said.

What people don't realise about her.

During the interview, Siwa also spoke about one of the biggest misconceptions people have about her. 

She said the public believes she has someone telling her what to do, but confirmed on Call Her Daddy that she makes all of her creative and professional decisions and has done so since she was younger.

The backlash around her new brand.

Of course, we've all been seeing our feeds filled with JoJo Siwa over that past few weeks, thanks to her edgy new look and various interviews — and not all of the commentary has been kind. When asked how she feels about the backlash she's received, Siwa says she welcomes it.

"I want people's heads to turn," she said, adding that it just lets her know that she's making a splash and getting people's attention.

"It's doing exactly what I want it to."

Feature Image: YouTube/Call Her Daddy.

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