John Stamos's butt is breaking the internet.


OK, let’s just put it out there: Paper magazine is just a butt magazine now. It’s found a formula and it’s sticking with it.

It’s the place where people go to expose their rear ends in a bid for bum supremacy.

It’s where Kim Kardashian’s giant, shiny arse broke the internet. It’s where Paris Hilton recently made the same attempt, only with a more modest bottom.

And now, it’s where Uncle Jesse has exposed his own sitting cushion. His peach cheeks. His Full House.

In an amazing article entitled The New Moon of John Stamos, the aforementioned bares his butt… and his soul.

john stamos butt
Hey girl… Image via Paper magazine.

Stamos, who’s starring in a new sitcom called Grandfathered, and also appears in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, not to mention the Full House reboot Fuller House, is so busy, opines the Paper journo, that he forgot to wear pants.

The 52-year-old actor told the mag that his life is “wonderfully insane” and that the craziest thing he’s done in 2015 is to “pose for Paper.”

“You! In 20 years time, I will show you my bum.” Image via Instagram.

Stamos doesn’t Google himself (“I’m over ‘me'”) for tabloid fodder, but he did admit that when he want to get attention, well, he “poses bottomless for Paper.

Goal achieved, Mr Stamos. And also… have mercy.