Samantha Armytage gets the giggles about jockey's wardrobe malfunction.

A whole lotta cheek.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that bums are funny. Just ask Samantha Armytage.

She had the very natural reaction of bursting into fits of snorty giggles when confronted with a jockey’s bare bottom during a Channel 7 news story last night.

Jockey Blake Shinn was astride his horse Miss Royale in Sydney yesterday, racing for all he was worth, when the elastic in his jockey silks gave way.

They made their descent down his thighs until he was mooning the assembled punters, making for huge embarrassment and also viral video success.

Armytage was under the impression that Shinn’s modesty would have been blurred out when Channel 7 showed the clip, but she was mistaken. Laughter ensued. Composure was lost.

And she hadn’t got it out of her system by this morning.

On Sunrise, she and Andrew O’Keefe crossed live to Shinn, who had clearly spent the night coming up with unfortunate puns.

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Any embarrassment he may have felt must surely have been expunged by Armytage telling him he has a “very good little bottom.”

After all that, Shinn only came second, but he’s number one in our hearts. And butts.

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