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Everything we know about Australia's brand new Bachelor, Jimmy Nicholson.

We have a brand spanking new bachie, and he's a very good-looking pilot with a dog (or at least a mate's dog, to take selfies with).

Sounds good, doesn't it?

Channel 10 announced the guy handing out roses in 2021 will be 31-year-old Sydneysider Jimmy Nicholson. While it's barely been a day since we were first introduced, the internet doesn't rest, so we already know a heck of a lot about him.

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There's no official word when Jimmy's season of The Bachelor will begin, so in the meantime all we can do is trawl socials and past reality TV shows for signs of Osher's new bestie.

Here's what we've uncovered so far.

Jimmy used to be a Price is Right model.

Jimmy is not a celeb or a former Bachelorette contestant, so that's a good start. But he has been on camera before, with a year-long stint as a Price is Right assistant.

Image: Seven.

He was the male model tasked with showcasing the show's prizes for about a year in 2012.

This rogue photo tweeted by the show's host Larry Emdur shows a shirtless Jimmy and tags his now-deleted Twitter account.


According to LinkedIn (yeah, we went that deep), Jimmy was signed to Chadwick Models around the same time.

He's already entered that ex-reality contestants dating pool.

You know how reality TV contestants only seem to date other reality TV contestants? Mmhm, well ol' mate Jimmy's had a head start.

Reality goss site The Wash confirmed he briefly dated last year's Bach runner-up Bella Varelis after being set up by mutual friends in late 2020.

"We were chatting and went on a couple dates towards the end of last year, we got set up by a friend," Bella told the publication.

"He's a really lovely human, definitely deserves to find love!"


She confirmed they're still mates, so there's nothing scandalous here. But Straya's incestuous reality TV dating pool has gained another member.

Jimmy's from a family of flyers.

Jimmy's a model-turned-pilot, but turns out taking to the skies was a bit of a lifelong dream.

In 2014, he completed his training as a Regional Express Cadet Pilot and now holds a Commercial Pilot License. Just call me a super sleuth, 'cause I found this random 2014 interview with Jimmy about his chosen career.

"My dad is a pilot, not a commercial one, but he worked for Qantas and so did my grandfather. My uncle is also a pilot for another major international airline, so I grew up with it all my life. It's a bit of a family tradition," he told Year13.

Image: Instagram.

He most recently worked for Jetstar but with COVID, found himself with some extra time on his hands recently... hence, The Bachelor.

Turns out being a pilot makes finding love a tad difficult, because you're never in one place for long.

"I am a big believer in embracing any opportunity that presents itself, especially if it has the potential to change your life for the better," he said in his Channel 10 profile.

"The journey ahead will be one of the most challenging experiences that I have ever undertaken, however I am very excited to meet someone that I could potentially spend the rest of my life with."

We can't wait to see whether that's how it goes down, when Jimmy's season airs later this year.

Feature image: Instagram.