Two weeks ago, Jessie Stephens went to hospital. Then she ran into her doctor on ABC's Q&A.

Jessie Stephens just ran into her doctor somewhere she didn't expect: the ABC's Q&A studio.

That might be a little odd at all times, but add in the fact that the doctor was former Australian Olympian (and SAS Australia legend) Jana Pittman and that they'd recently been involved in a pretty thorough gynecological examination and well - what are the chances?

Watch: Jessie Stephens and Jana Pittman on Q&A. Post continues below video.

Video via ABC.

After a discussion about GP shortages, host Patricia Karvelas asked Stephens about her recent hospital trip after having a baby two months ago.

"I had my baby and then about six weeks later, I had a complication with stitches," Stephens explained on the show.

"I ended up in emergency, I was laying there and I had a gyno come in and I was like 'I know your face, have I interviewed you for work? What is it?' ... I'd had some painkillers, I had no idea.

"Anyway, she treated me — examination, internal, external, the whole thing — and I went home later and went 'that was Jana Pittman.'"

She said the next day she was asked to Q&A, and was told I had locked one other panellist it: Pittman.

"I was like, 'no no no no no'," Stephens joked. 

Pittman, who has competed at both the Summer and Winter Olympic Games, became qualified as a doctor in 2020 and is currently completing her PhD in obstetrics. 

Karvelas asked Pittman if she regularly gets recognised while working.

"With their legs like this," she joked back, mimicking legs in the air.

"You don't want to recognise your gyno," Stephens said.

"That's bad for my future career," Pittman responded.

Besides GP shortages, the Q&A panel also spoke about mental health, Spanish football boss Luis Rubiales and the Indigenous Voice to Parliament.

Feature image: ABC.

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