Jessica Simpson's kids can fly.






Does anyone have a spare bungy cord?

A parachute, perhaps?

Because Jessica Simpson’s kids may need them.

The popstar’s husband Eric Johnson, a retired NFL tight end (that sounds kind of sexual, but it’s just a US football position thing. It just means he was an American footy player, but we HAD to use the correct term. Tight end. Tee hee hee), keeps throwing their kids in the air.

Really. Really. High.

We’re sure daughter Maxwell, 2, and son Ace, 1, are totally safe. Dad used to catch things for a living.

But holy guacamole. Those kids can fly.


Jessica wrote “I was on a plane to NYC today and I missed out on this!!!”. Don’t worry, Jess. If you reached out of the plane window, you could probably give one of them a high five.


Here’s Dad and the kids in a rare moment of gravity:


 The look in baby Ace’s eye’s says it all.


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