A big change in 2020 and multiple jobs: A day in the life of 'crap housewife' Jessica Rowe.

Jessica Rowe isn’t afraid to call herself a “crap housewife”.

In fact, being a crap housewife is a self-titled badge that the 49-year-old journalist and author openly wears with pride.

From juggling work with life at home with husband Peter Overton and their two children, Allegra and Giselle, life is certainly busy for the television presenter and speaker.

After leaving Studio 10 two years ago to spend more time with her kids, Rowe now works for herself as a freelancer.

Listen to Jessica Rowe’s full interview with Mia Freedman on No Filter below.

It’s a decision that has had a drastic change to her daily routine, meaning that ultimately no day is the same.

“It all really depends on what I’m working on,” she told Mamamia.

“Normally I set my alarm for about 6.15am – especially now that the girls are back at school. I used to just do a lunch order but this year, I’m trying to make their lunches instead,” she said.

“My day really depends on what work things I’ve got lined up. Twice a week, I do Pilates with a beautiful friend of mine. I might do some writing. I might go get some stuff for dinner. It really varies.”

Since becoming a freelancer, Rowe’s routine is incredibly different from what her routine was like on Studio 10.

“[While I was on Studio 10] I was up at the same time every morning, in the car, in the makeup chair at 6.30am, reading my subjects, prepping for my interviews, on-air for a couple hours and then finishing work at the same time every day,” she recalled.

“There was a constant consistency whereas I’m my own boss now. I’ve never really been good at being told what to do. The inner rebel in me makes me push against it,” she added.

“My routine is so different now. For this wonderful campaign I’ve just done for the Greatest Butcher on your Block, I was lucky enough to travel around Australia and meet some amazing people. For that month, I was travelling for three days a week. It’s busy and so different to my daily routine.

“I also do quite a lot of mental health advocacy work so there are other days where I might be speaking at a breakfast or a lunch. Last year I did The Real Dirty Dancing so I got to travel overseas. It really depends what projects I’m working on.”

From Zetland in Sydney to Mundaring in Western Australia, Jessica Rowe has been busy meeting 12 unique butchers from around Australia for Meat & Livestock Australia’s Greatest Butcher on Your Block campaign. Post continues below.


Like many women, Rowe often struggles with “getting the balance right” between work and family life.

“For so many people – and women in particular – who are working for themselves or working from home, it can be full on or there are other times where it’s more quiet,” Rowe said.

“It’s completely a myth that we can balance everything. There are seasons for things. Sometimes work will be more full-on, sometimes family will be more full-on – it really depends on what’s happening for you and your family at that time.”

This year, Rowe’s eldest daughter, Allegra, started high school.

It’s a change that has had a big impact on the family’s daily routine – but it’s been an incredibly welcome change for mother-of-two Rowe.

“She’s at a brand new school, new friends, new everything so that’s exciting for her but it’s slightly terrifying as parents,” she said.

“I think being a parent is a series of letting go as you look after them and prepare to let them go into the world. But it’s exciting. I find that I actually enjoy my kids more the older they get.

“I’m loving the people that my children are growing into and I’m enjoying this phase so much. Mind you, if you ask me again in the midst of the teenage years, it might be different.”


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At the moment, Rowe’s evening routine consists of homework, pulling together something for dinner and the “endless struggle” of getting the kids to bed.

“We do homework. I nag my eldest daughter to get off her phone and put her phone away. It’s busy, but again, it’s fun,” she said.


“I really try not to lose sight of being playful with the things we’re doing. I have this wonderful big cat head – I’m a crazy cat lady – that I keep in the car. Every now and then in the school pick-up lane, I’ll put it on, much to my youngest daughter’s horror. But I think it’s hilarious.”

Anyone who follows Jessica Rowe (a.k.a #CrapHousewife) on Instagram will be familiar with the meals Rowe serves up for dinner.

Speaking to Mamamia, Rowe shared that her go-to weeknight meals include chicken schnitzel, sausages and mash, spaghetti bolognese and tacos.

On Friday nights, the family tend to grab takeaway from the local fish and chips shop, before going out for a meal or getting another takeaway meal on the weekend.

On the other hand, Rowe’s husband, Peter Overton, chooses to order in his own meals for his weeknight dinners.

“He orders in his own meals,” Rowe admitted.

“He gets his meals delivered because he got really tired of spaghetti bolognese and mince cooked four different ways.”


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Amid the release of her book, Diary of a Crap Housewife, in April 2019, Rowe dedicated her Instagram to sharing the realities of motherhood behind the filters of social media, with a promise to post her real-life messes and bad meals.

It’s a movement that has caught the attention of thousands of Instagram followers.

After all, no one has a picture-perfect life or daily routine.

“It’s resonated with so many people to basically say, ‘You know what, we’re enough,'” Rowe said.

“We don’t need to have a perfect, beautiful, amazing life because no one does,” she added.

“Let’s be honest about what we do and lift each other up rather than dragging each other down because we’re not great cooks or we’re not good at this or that.”

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