'Most days I was close to tears': Jessica Rowe opens up about leaving Studio 10.

Last year, Jessica Rowe announced she was leaving Studio 10 after nearly five years on the program.

“I’ve decided to leave Studio 10. It’s been a very hard thing for me to done. But it’s because my family need me… I want to be a present mum for my girls… I want to be there in the mornings for them, I want to take them to school, I want to do canteen duty – heaven help them with the sandwiches. But it’s something that I need to do,” the 47-year-old journalist said on-air.

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Now, a year on from her departure from the program, Rowe has told The Australian Women’s Weekly that her mental health also played a part in her decision to leave.

“I could feel at the end of each show, not every day, but most days I would be close to tears,” she told the publication.

“I’d feel that behind my eye and was just keeping it together. And I thought, ‘Why am I doing this to myself?'” she added.

“I knew that I was heading down, I knew that my anxiety was there, that I was getting depressed and that if I didn’t make a change I’d start to falter.”

Despite choosing to leave the show, Rowe added that working on Studio 10 was the “best job she’d ever had in telly”.

Rowe’s husband Peter Overton also spoke to the magazine, adding that Rowe leaving the show has been a “game changer” for the couple and their two daughters.


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Speaking to Mamamia’s No Filter podcast last year, Rowe spoke further about how her desire to spend more time with her daughters Giselle and Allegra led to her decision.

“I’m embarrassing anyway to my daughters, but sooner rather than later they won’t want to have a bar of me and I know the importance for me of sowing the connections now,” she told No Filter host Mia Freedman.

“So when they do go their wayward ways – as we all do as teenagers – I want them to know that I’m there and that we are there for them… that I want to be their number one and they know that.”

She also shared that she spent over six months mulling over the decision before she finally decided to leave the program.

“I thought something has to give, and for me it was taking a step back from my career and reassessing what’s right for me now.”

Jessica Rowe’s new book. Diary of a Crap Housewife is due to be released next month.

Listen to Jessica Rowe’s full interview with Mia Freedman on No Filter below.

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