Jesinta Franklin just got a haircut and when we say drastic, we mean freakin' drastic.

As your official Celebrity Hair correspondent, I have some Very Important Hair News to break.


Jesinta Franklin got a haircut yesterday and now looks drastically different. But actually.

The Australian queen of “bronde” is now barely recognisable.

Not only did the model opt for a significant chop, but she’s also gone peroxide blonde.

Image: Instagram/Elle Australia

The 26 year old posted a timelapse of the haircut on her Instagram story so we can say with confidence that this is not a trick or wig (...we're looking at you Kylie Jenner).


Franklin went to Koda hair salon in Bondi for the chop ahead of a Tiffany and Co's perfume launch event.

It's the most drastic hair change we've ever seen on Franklin and quite frankly, we think it looks excellent.

Image: Instagram/Elle Australia

The peroxide blonde 'lob' (long bob for those of you playing at home) has been a popular style of late, with Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner all giving it a go.

Some comparisons have also been made to other Australian hair icon Lara Bingle/Worthington, who even has her own hairstyle named after her - the Bingle bob.

Lara Worthington. Image via Instagram.

It's high maintenance though, so we'll have to see how long it sticks around for.

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