A video of Jennifer Lawrence singing in a Shakespeare play at age 14.

You may have noticed, we could talk about Jennifer Lawrence even if we were underwater with a mouthful of marbles.

She’s fun. She’s daggy. She trips over while she’s accepting awards.

And now, we’ve seen what she was like as a young teen-aged actress. CNN played one of their classic “Never-Before-Seen-Videos” (we reckon someone had probably seen it. Her parents. Her best friend. Her dog. Someone…) that showed J.Law playing the role of Desdemona in Shakespeare’s Othello at the ripe old age of 14.

It’s a small production at a theatre in Louisville, Kentucky. It’s only a short video, but J.LAW SINGS. For a glorious four seconds, we hear 14-year-old Jennifer sing. Why this excites us so much, we don’t know.

All we know is that we can’t get enough of Jennifer Lawrence.

Someone needs to make the other girl in this video a shirt that says “I got to lovingly brush J.Law’s hair”.

A few years after that, she was in Cold Case, one of her first big acting debuts. It’s hard to recognise her when she’s not shooting people with arrows like in The Hunger Games… but she’s still Jen.

Good work Jen. Now move to Australia and be best friends with us.


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