Jennifer Lawrence's new movie poster will guarantee you never sleep again.

It’s fine. We never wanted to sleep again anyway.

The promotional poster for Jennifer Lawrence’s new movie mother! has just been released and can someone fetch us some garlic and three thousand gallons of holy water, please.

The 26-year-old actress will star opposite Javier Bardem, Kristin Wiig and Michelle Pfeiffer in the upcoming psychological thriller, and we are terrified, but also counting down to its October release date.

jennifer lawrence movie poster
Why tho? Image via Paramount.

In the poster, Lawrence is holding a bloody red heart that she has just ripped out of her own chest. Which is fine. THAT'S FINE.


But why does she look like some kind of creepy blow up doll? Why are her eyes so vacant? Why is she definitely going to pop up in the mirror behind me while I'm brushing my teeth tonight? Why is she guaranteed to jump out of the water next time I ran a bath? Why is she standing behind me right now? (Please send help).

jennifer lawrence movie poster
PLEASE MAKE IT STOP. Image via Paramount.

We have so many unanswered questions. Hurry up, October.

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