Here’s how Jennifer Lawrence gets in Hunger Games shape

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably wondered what kind of boot-camp hell awaits those who volunteer as tribute.

Lucky for Jennifer Lawrence, getting in fighting form for The Hunger Games involves a lot more games than hunger.

The actress has famously spoken out about her distain for diets, and love of cake and corn chips. But she also works way, way hard.
Speaking to Teen Vogue her trainer Dr Joe Horrigan explained that Lawrence toned up for the role using a lot of hardcore cardio including running, cycling, and – her favourite – skipping.

To get strong, Lawrence did a lot of high intensity circuit training, including old-school sit ups and push ups.

She also undertook plenty of on-theme activities, like archery lessons and tree climbing. Although we wouldn’t recommend trying the latter at home if you’ve got a problem with heights, or find it easier to go up than down.

If you want to see exactly what J Law was training to fight against, check out the teaser trailer for the penultimate Hunger Games movie, Mocking Jay Part 1:


Would you try any of these fitness moves yourself?