Jennifer Lawrence calls Liam Hemsworth a scab-eating 'animal'.

The gossip we all wished was true.

If you’ve been flicking through the gossip mags this week, you’ve probably been jumping for joy at the proclamation that Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth have finally, finally become the super-couple we have been waiting for.

Cute, but cool. Fun, but dorky. Pretty, but totally able to shoot a bad-ass bow and arrow.

Jeniam. Hemlaw. Hemwence. Is it too soon to buy the commemorative t-shirt?

Well, don’t shoot the messenger, but…


Everyone’s imaginary best friend Jen has worked alongside everyone’s imaginary boyfriend Liam since 2008, and the rumours have followed them ever since. Still, now that the twosome are both single at the same time, the conditions were just right for a little celebrity meddling from the tabloids.

“I’ve always loved him” is the message plastered across the front cover of the American OK Magazine this week, and our little hearts soared.

YES, Liam! Time to repair that poor heart of yours that Miley Cyrus twerked into the ground.

GO, Jen! No more complaining about sitting at home on Saturday nights like a sad single.

Move over, Kirsten and Jax, there is a new celebrity couple vying for your Hot Dorks crown.

See this? This is J Law talking about Liam. This is NOT the look of love.

Alas, you can’t always believe the tall tales of the gossip mags, because Jen and Liam are definitely not together. They are just really good (looking) pals.


And just when you thought your heart couldn’t take any more, Jen is also buddies with the other Hemsworth babes, too.

Yep, Jen is just ‘one of the guys’ as she laughed about the gross habits of the Hemsworth Three, which includes one of them (please, please don’t be Chris…) eating scabs for a $5 dare.

“His whole family, they’re real animals.

It’s the craziest family I’ve been around in my life. The way they communicate is so physical and crazy. It’s like, ‘Eat this scab and I’ll give you $5!'”

And, with that, any stories of a HemLaw romance died. Along with a small part of our obsession with the Hemsworth boys.

You can watch Jen reveal all on Conan below. (Post continues after video)

Video via Team Coco

Another imaginary celebrity couple bites the dust.

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