A recap of Jennifer Coolidge's perfectly unhinged time in Australia.

Jennifer Coolidge came, saw and conquered Australia.

The iconic actress arrived in our fair nation last week for a Q&A appearance at Vivid Sydney alongside longtime friend and The White Lotus creator, Mike White.

And because I bow at the feet of our lord and saviour Jennifer Coolidge, here's everything the icon said and did during her time in Sydney.

The Legally Blonde star did not disappoint. In fact, she exceeded all of my expectations.

Jennifer drops some gems at the press conference ahead of Vivid.

During Coolidge's first appearance at a presser, when asked what prompted her visit to our shores, she replied: “I’ve had a lot going on and I wanted to do something fun."

“It is an incredible escape to happy times here. When I was asked to go, there wasn’t any hesitation.”

Referencing her White Lotus character, Tanya, who spent more than her fair share of time on boats, Coolidge declared “I have been offered some boat rides.” By who? No one knows but I enjoy the image of random street folk lining up their boats for Coolidge. “I think I‘m going to accept them.” As she should!

Jennifer Coolidge being Jennifer Coolidge, naturally. Image: Getty.


Jennifer proposes to set White Lotus prequel in Australia.

During the press conference, when the idea of doing a White Lotus prequel featuring Tanya was floated, she responded with “Australia gets my vote,” for the proposed location. 

I'm actually shaking! I'm sorry but the idea of Tanya backpacking around Australia in her younger years is too delicious to pass up. 

Jennifer went to brunch with a friend. She's just like us!

Ahead of Vivid, Jennifer grabbed brunch with an anonymous friend at Sydney Harbour.

I also ate brunch on the weekend – coincidence?? 

Jennifer complimented Australians for being "alive" and sipped cocktails with Julie Bishop.

At a cocktail party to celebrate her Harper’s BAZAAR cover shoot, she said: “[Australia] is the only place I’ve ever gone where everybody makes me feel like I’m in a movie."

She continued, “I don’t ever walk away and think, ‘I don’t know what she’s about.’ You’re just very alive people and that’s just what I want to say.”


I want to say that I'm not completely sure what this means, but it doesn't matter if don't understand. I will trust her implicitly, regardless. 

The exclusive party was held at the Park Hyatt Hotel in The Rocks and Coolidge and White mingled with the likes of Julie Bishop, Nakkiah Lui and Jordan Gogos. The menu featured vegan canapes and cocktails to honour Coolidge, who was crowned PETA's 'Vegan Queen' earlier this year. 

Hey now! Listen to this episode of The Spill. Post continues after podcast. 

At Vivid, Jennifer encouraged people to watch bad things to cure self-doubt.

As moderator Benjamin Law quizzed Jennifer on how she settles feelings of self-doubt, she replied “I’m going to get a lot of hell for saying this,” she began, as all good sentences start.

“I think one of the best things to cure self-doubt is just to go to really bad stuff. I’m talking about plays you hear about that are terrible – go to them. There are shows on television that are terrible – watch them.”

Coolidge then gave an example of how watching bad productions can make yourself feel better. “I was in college and I just hated myself and I was so full of self-doubt. Anyway, I went to this terrible production of Oliver," she said, before breaking out into an impression of the performance. 

It really needs to be seen by all. Jennifer Coolidge takes Broadway, when??

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By watching something truly awful, she had a eureka moment. “I felt like the seas had parted; I felt like I had a chance in this world."


Coolidge added that watching anything of quality would have the opposite effect. "Not the good stuff, the good stuff is just intimidating and you’re like, ‘how could I ever f**king do that?’”

A relatable queen, as always. 

Jennifer is in 'denial' over being considered a sex icon.

When asked by Law what it feels like to be the pinnacle of sexy, Coolidge was lost for words. “There’s one thing that can keep you forever young and sexy... pure denial," she joked. 

“I think I have better denial than anyone on this planet. And it helps me function on every level.”

These are words to live by, my friends. 

Watch this clip of Jennifer Coolidge's genius dating tactic. Post continues after video.

Video via The Kelly Clarkson Show.

Jennifer opened up about her history of depression.

Throughout Jennifer's Vivid appearance, she touched on her history of depression several times. “I want everyone to know all my depressing stories. Because I think it will help people,” she said.

“I know there's a bunch of positive people in the audience that don't need any, but I do feel like I am a good story. I had a very hard time functioning for many years because I just didn't think I had a shot in hell." 


She offered this piece of advice for aspiring actors: “When you get up in the morning, leave your house." The icon went on to admit that there had been periods in the past where she didn't go outside for several months at a time. 

Jennifer was gifted a cookie of her "hideous lover" from The White Lotus.

Perth baker Kristy Diffey was in the Vivid crowd as her gingerbread creation was given to Coolidge. 

“It’s Tanya and a dolphin and me on a Vespa with my hideous lover," Jennifer exclaimed upon opening the gift. She's, of course, referring to the dirtbag she dated then married throughout season one and two of The White Lotus.

 "Oh my god, it’s Greg! Wow, I’m going to eat his head off.” Once again, this woman is too perfect for words. 

Jennifer and Mike boarded a helicopter.

The following day, The White Lotus dream team boarded a helicopter at Sydney Airport. The destination? I do not know! Maybe scouting season four locations? Let's start that rumour and run with it! 

Jennifer enlists the help of police escorts by motorcycle to go to dinner.

They must not have gone far on that helicopter, as later that night according to TMZ, Jennifer was accompanied by two policemen on motorcycles to go to dinner at Aria Restaurant in Sydney Harbour. 

Wearing an animal print coat, the 61-year-old posed for a photo with the smiley officers who were clearly chuffed to have the honour of taking the American Pie actress to dinner.

Thanks for the memories, Jen. She's an icon, she's a legend, and she is the moment.

Feature image: Getty + Mamamia.

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