Julien Blanc's cronies are in Australia teaching his controversial pick-up tactics.

Remember Julien Blanc, the so-called “pick-up artist” who was thrown out of Australia last November for promoting violence against women?

Well, one of his cronies, Jeff “Jeffy” Allan, is in Australia and has been secretly organising seminars to teach the same abhorrent methods of seduction as Blanc, which include choking women and verbally abusing them into submission.

A sample of Jeff “Jeffy'” Allan- It’s all about good looks:

Video via Jeff Allan

With Allan at the helm, Real Social Dynamics held an event in Sydney last week and have two more planned in Melbourne, originally billed for January 21 and April 7.

On their website, the group offers to make men “sex-worthy”, helping them to develop “panty-dropping masculinity”.

Their techniques are largely based on emotional manipulation with just a sprinkle of physical abuse — basically, they offer courses in Domestic Violence 101.

In his own right Allen has produced multiple books and DVDs on the subject, he is an OkCupid troll who drives around in a”Freedom Van”, which he calls his “rape van”.

Pick up artist RSD Jeffy in his “rape van”. Image via Instagram.

Here’s a quote from a statement he left on an RSD forum:

“They dream about this. They wanna be tied up and fully succumb to your aggressive masculinity. They want you to push them against the wall, rip their clothes off, put her in a submissive position and call her bitch, slut, whore until their skull can’t take it anymore…”

“See as much as women wanna be raped, they also want to be made feel beautiful.”

An online petition asking for Allen’s removal from Australia has been circulating widely and has already garnered more than 64,000 signatures.

The Greens have called on federal Immigration Minister Peter Dutton to revoke his visa.

“It’s disgraceful that the government has reportedly already failed to stop one of these events, which promote domestic violence, from going ahead in Australia,” Greens Senator Larissa Waters said in a statement.

“The only way to make sure that these abhorrent events do not continue is to revoke Jeff Allen’s visa, just as the former Immigration Minister revoked Julien Blanc’s visa for promoting the same abhorrent views about women.”

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