SHORT WOMEN REJOICE: A round up of all the best jeans for ladies with short legs.

Buying jeans is never a fun exercise. Like shopping for a bikini, finding one that flatters your unique shape is difficult to the say the least. And if you are a woman with short legs, then multiply that difficulty by ten.

This often consists of rolling, rolling, and then rolling your jeans up.

But short women, rejoice!

In a post in Mamamia’s You Beauty Facebook group, one member shared her desperation for jeans that are made for women who are a little bit on the short side.

“I’m a 5ft nothing, in desperate need of some new jeans and after spending hours at [a shopping centre] I’m exhausted by the search,” the woman posted.

“Shawtys – hit me with your best jeans for height challenged ladies (if you constantly try on jeans with a rip in the knee only to discover it actually hits your shin… this post is for you).”

The post was quickly flooded with recommendations from women who experience the exact same dilemma, uniting in their need for jeans that are made for all heights and sizes.

The best thing about the recommendations, was they are all from brands that won’t break the bank.

Topshop got high praise, specifically their petite range, with one member explaining: “They have sizes in terms of length so it’s the only place I’ve found jeans that actually sit on my ankles and don’t have to be rolled up.”


Dannii Minogue’s petite range jeans at Target also got plenty of mentions. One woman shared her Target jeans were “stretchy, they’re comfortable and best of all – no need to have the hem adjusted”.

You can listen to our latest episode of You Beauty below. Post continues after audio. 

Decjuba also got multiple mentions from women who have short legs, with woman sharing: “I’m short and have a large bottom and small waist and always got small holes in my T-shirt’s. I find the decjuba Riley’s fit my waits, legs and have no zippers to create the holes, but they’re more like jeggings.”

Another woman added Dotti as a brand who caters for short legs, saying, they have jeans that are “perfect in length for a shorty like me and they don’t lose their shape.”

Other brands mentioned include Seed, Bardot, Jeanswest, Supre and Nobody Denim.

May you never have to do that weird dance that makes your dog look at you in confusion when putting on jeans again.

(But that seems like an inevitable part of being a woman, so we can’t promise these jeans recommendations will stop that.)

Do you have any recommendations for women with short legs? Let us know in the comments section below!