The cult jeans made for women with a smaller waist, and curvy bum.

For as long as I can remember, shopping for my body type has been a struggle. 

As a woman who is 5"1 and curvy, I have to consider what will suit my petite height (that's a story for another day), but also... my bum. See, the smallest part of my body is my waist, but just below that is my larger butt and thighs. 

Don't get me wrong, I love the proportions I was born with, but finding a pair of jeans I can get past my thighs that will also fit around my waist correctly, is a nearly impossible mission.

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Rachael Calvert is the owner of the swimwear label Marvell Lane - a company that designs pieces for women with larger busts. And she too struggles with finding jeans for her body shape, which is the same hourglass figure as mine.

Uploading a video to her Instagram, Rachael explained how she has finally found a brand that solves our problem. 


Australian-owned Peachay Jeans designs denim for women with smaller waists and larger butts, with a capsule offering of jeans in three different washes — dark denim, light denim and black. 

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Jeans that actually fit your butt 🍑

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These jeans are unlike any I have personally come across, as you shop your waist size. So if your waist is a size 8, while your thighs are a size 10-12, you'll order the size 8.

As the jeans are designed to take into account that your figure gets wider below your waist, the size that fits your waist automatically goes up a size around your thighs. Meaning there's no need to cinch in the waist anymore. Boom.

The jeans are also seriously flattering.

The Peachay Jean, $159.95.

Image: Peachay.


And from someone who has tried many pairs in her lifetime, here are five others I can vouch for that really work for this specific body shape. I've included classic blue denim shades, but these brands offer a variety of washes and styles.

Topshop MOTO Jamie Jeans, $84.95.

Image: The Iconic.


These are the first pair of jeans that I truly fell in love with. They not only fit like a glove, but they are also unbelievably comfortable (honestly, it feels like you're wearing leggings) and affordable.

ROLLAS Eastcoast Jeans Worn Ocean Blue, $139.95.

Image: General Pants.


These Australian-made jeans are a high-waisted skinny fit. They accentuate your bum and cinch in the waist — ultra flattering. Some women do find the leg length to be on the longer side, so you may need to roll them up or have them altered for that perfect ankle crop.

AGOLDE Riley High Rise Straight Crop, $302.58.

Image: Revolve.


Recently I decided that it was time to buy some investment jeans — you know, the expensive pair that will last you the next 10 years.

These are yes, expensive, but hands down the best jeans I've ever owned. They are made out of a thicker, stiff denim, so they don't lose their shape, have a straight leg fit and look cool AF on. 

Cotton On High Rise Cropped Skinny Jean, $49.99.

Image: Cotton On.

These are another pair of comfortable, affordable jeans. They might not last a lifetime, but they look good, are easy to move in, fit snugly around the waist and come in a variety of colours.


DRDENIM Nora Jeans Light Retro Blue, Nora Jeans Light Retro Blue, $109.95.

Image: General Pants.

Made of sturdy, non-stretch denim, these curve-hugging jeans are made to give you that streamlined look. A contemporary take on the 'mom jean', they're also ultra flattering on the bum.

Feature image: Instagram/@peachaythelabel