FLUFF: Did Kylie really try to save this singer on The Voice?

Kylie Minogue is basically a saint.

She tried to save this magnificent young singer called Jayde on The Voice last night, forcing us to love her even more. #TeamKylie.

(If you’re watching the reality TV show, you’re currently doing life correctly. If you didn’t watch it, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Read on.)

Last night saw an epic vocal battle between 19-year-old Jayde Grey and and 27-year-old Louise Van Veenendaal, who sung a rousing rendition of Kelly Clarkson’s Since U Been Gone.

It was entertaining in all kinds of ways but not really because of each singer’s actual ability. Just watch how this battle went down:

We really learned a lot: a) Kylie Minogue, 45, is the best kind of person with the best kind of giggle; b) Singing talent in a singing competition is somewhat overrated: if you are able to run around a stage in very high sparkly heels you will win everything; c) Judge/Black Eyed Peas Will.i.am values an ‘eccentric singer who bounces of ropes as if in a wrestling ring’ (Louise) more than a singer who is ‘in tune’ (Jayde). After the show aired and the ‘in tune singer’ Jayde was booted, she took to Twitter to share her thoughts on the show, saying simply:

To decode this cryptic tweet a little, you need to understand the process of The Voice. Basically, after each singer sings in the blind audition and is picked by a judge, one singer is paired against another similar sounding singer in each judge’s team and whoever wins the battle proceeds to the next round.

BUT if a judge so wishes, they can “save” the rejected singer from complete embarrassment/going home by pressing their shiny red buzzer. Then that singer will go to that judge’s team.

Jayde and Louise last night.

Still with us?

So last night, when Louise went through to the next round, Jayde alleges that the wonderful Kylie Minogue in fact tried to “save” her and bring her onto her team. We didn’t get to see that footage so we’ll have to believe her.

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