Jay Z just shared a Beyonce wedding clip and there are so many diamonds.

So crazy in love etc etc.

Jay Z and Beyoncé are notoriously private when it comes to their personal life (at least, when Solange isn’t messing everything up with elevator fights).

But for their seventh wedding anniversary, Jay Z, 45, tweeted out a snippet of their wedding video. Fans are losing their sh*t a little – because, well, the couple have never really shared any videos or photos of the day they got married.

It isn’t much, but we can make out some diamonds, a white dress, a massive diamond ring, a Beyoncé-and-Jay-Z duet and many more diamonds.

They married back in 2008, when celebrity weddings didn’t shut down towns (*cough* George and Amal) and didn’t dominate the news cycle for days.

They wed in secret, something now pulled off only by the Cumberbatches and the Redmaynes of the world, and invited just 40 of their closest famous friends.

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And no one knew for months. Thirty-three-year-old Beyoncé first talked about the wedding six months after the ceremony. That’s the secret to a happy celebrity marriage, my friends. Don’t do a magazine deal, don’t film it for reality television, don’t even create an Instagram hashtag.

Just don’t tell anyone.

Click through the gallery below of Beyoncé and Jay Z through the ages.