FLUFF: Jada Pinkett Smith gets photographed in her sleep. Looks nothing like the rest of us.

Jada Pinkett Smith may be setting my future husband up for disappointment.

Super-stunning Jada P-S has revealed on Facebook that her husband Will Smith takes photos of her when she is sleeping.

She calls it ‘a sexy secret’.

I call it ‘more than a bit creepy’.

Whatever you think it is, you can’t deny it’s a pretty sexy photo of Jada’s back.


Why is she sleeping in several gold necklaces? Choking hazard, much? Also, how is she sleeping when the sun has obviously moved from the centre of the solar system to standing directly outside her window?

Yes, Jada. Life is beauty. But for some of us mere mortals, sleeping is not.

This is what my future husband can expect:

And that’s with a full face of make-up, and before the racoon-eyes and the dream-twitches and the dribbling has kicked in (because I took this at my office desk to prove a point. If I’d only had FIVE more minutes, drool city). That is, if my figurative husband has lasted long enough to photograph me between bouts of me accidentally kneeing him in the balls.

THAT is what’s beautiful. Looking at your wife with her mouth hanging open, snoring indelicately, little pool of saliva next to her on the pillow, perhaps picking a pyjama wedgie, and thinking…

Yep. Still love her. Drool and all.

Fingers crossed. Otherwise, better get me some gold nap-safe necklaces. Cheers, Jada.