So, Jacqui Lambie just compared Cory Bernardi to an "angry prostitute" during Question Time.

In case you’d somehow managed to miss the news, the Australian federal parliament is well and truly back in business.

And while we’re all well aware of Pauline Hanson’s plans to make some noise, it was independent Tasmanian senator Jacqui Lambie who drew gasps during Question Time on Thursday, delivering one hell of a smack down.

Addressing conservative Liberal backbencher Cory Bernardi‘s recent attack on Labor senator Sam Dastyari (who, it has been revealed, had a personal debt paid for by a Chinese donor) the former army officer came out swinging.

Duck for cover, Bernardi. Source: Cory Bernardi / Facebook.

"Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi lecturing this Parliament and displaying mock outrage regarding Labor Senator Sam Dastyari and Chinese political donations is like an angry prostitute lecturing us about the benefits of celibacy," Lambie said.

"And before I receive unfair criticism from the sex workers, I apologise to them profusely [for] comparing them to Senator Bernardi.

"I know that is a really terrible, low-down thing to do. Because I can tell you prostitutes are far more honest, sincere, humane, compassionate, and better bang for buck than Senator Bernardi will ever be able to deliver."

We'll give you a minute to scoop your jaw off the floor.


Still there?

Yep, there are just no words.

And thanks to Hansard, that verbal TKO will be recorded in our nation's history for eternity.


Jacqui Lambie, just getting down to business. Source: Kitchen Cabinet / ABC.

Lambie's dislike for Bernardi is hardly new.

Earlier this year she described him as "an arsehole, typical 'I'm born with a silver spoon up my rear end," to journalist Annabel Crabbe.

I, for one, can't bloody wait to see where this parliamentary term goes.