Jackie O opens up about her terrifying health scare while at the hairdressers.

This morning on KIIS FM, Jackie O shared that just last week, she thought she had had a stroke.

Jackie explained that during an appointment at the hairdresser she felt half her face go numb.

“I noticed when I went back to the chair to get a blow dry, half the side of my face was numb,” she said. “I didn’t think too much of it until I got in the car and was on my way home.

“It was really tingly and just wasn’t right so I pulled over on the side of the road and I typed in Google, hair basin and numb, just to see what would come up.”

Of course, Google provided her with the worst of the worst case scenarios. Jackie says she read story after story about women dying from “beauty parlour stroke because your arteries are cut off when you have your neck bent back”.

This of course caused her to worry.

“I start to feel it was getting worse and I panicked, so I called triple zero and they were really fantastic,” she said.”They were talking me through my symptoms and what I would be feeling if I was having a stroke.

“The nurse then said if I started feeling tingly in my feet then I was to call back, but at this point it didn’t look like I was having a form of stroke.”

But, if you have the idea that might be having a stroke in your head, it is of course going to be hard to shake that. Jackie says that as she started to drive home, the psychosomatic symptoms began.

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“My feet were tingly and I didn’t know if it was the panic or what, so I called them back again and told them,” she said, but quickly she realised the symptoms weren’t really there.

“I just felt stupid right,” Jackie told her listeners.

“I told them to give me another five minutes for an ambulance,” she said, before adding: “I would have felt really stupid if the ambulance came and it was nothing.”

Eventually she made it home, and had her husband Lee drive her to her doctor.

“Basically, at the end of the day I wasn’t having a stroke, but it did cause some sort nerve thing to trigger a little bit of numbness in the face,” she explains. “So it was fine, all fine in the end.”