I've got feathers in my hair

I’m so boring when it comes to my hair. It’s always been the same – long, straight and a dark blonde/light brown sort of colour depending on the season and whether or not I’ve been bothered getting highlights done. I’m too terrified of long-term changes in case I ruin my hair forever, but I do get bored of always looking the same.

Coloured hair has been an up-and-coming trend for awhile now, and we’re not just talking a head full of pink hair. Coloured tips and streaks are huge and I was seriously tempted to try out the trend after I saw photos of Lauren Conrad’s pink-and-blue tips. So imagine my delight when I started seeing all these options for coloured hair extensions – a brilliant way to try that pop of colour without spending more than 10 minutes in a chair at the hair salon.

It’s definitely worth noting that Great Lengths Australia have created pink hair extensions – for $10 you can have hot pink or light pink placed through your hair and all proceeds go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation (thanks Paula from LifeStyled for letting us know that this is happening!). (Update: For those interested, these will be available in stores starting from next week.)

If straight colour is too boring, there are always feathers.  Yep, you heard that right, you can put feathers in your hair.  They are quick and easy to have applied (with little micro beads) and last up to four months, plus they can be curled and straightened and treated just like normal hair. They also come in a range of colours – from blue to pink to more subtle colours. Lana and I had a couple of Navajo Hair Co feathers put in over the weekend (you can get as many or as few as you like) and we are loving them. For those concerned about the feather factor, they are fallen rooster feathers and no animals are harmed in the process.

We’ve put together this gallery for you – flick through to check out the coloured hair trend, including coloured hair extensions and our feather hair extensions..

Would you try coloured or feathered hair?