"I'm ashamed of you": Ivanka Trump accused of exploiting her daughter, 5, over latest photo.

When Ivanka Trump posted a photo of her little girl onto Instagram, she probably meant it as something completely harmless.

Before we tell you anything more, take a look:

Monkeying around with my gym buddy. #FitnessFriday

A photo posted by Ivanka Trump (@ivankatrump) on

The daughter of President-elect, Donald Trump, appears to just be hanging around the gym with her daughter, Arabella.

But, as soon as her followers saw the photo a heated debate ensued about two details.

Firstly, many of those were concerned about why her five-year-old was “monkeying” around the gym. They claimed that equipment can easily hurt an adult who is untrained to use it, let alone a child running around.

“That seems really dangerous, don’t you care about your kids,” wrote one person.

However, the slight concerns about her daughter’s safety were definitely outdone by the people who were furious over what Arabella was wearing.

If you haven’t already seen it, take another look.


The rainbow love heart and peace sign.

Why user wrote, “How dare she wear a rainbow after her parents’ [sic] voted for trump”.

Scroll through to see some of the harsh comments. (Post continues after gallery.)

Trump’s determination to tear down the LGBTQ movement became clear during the election campaign after he told FOX News he would specifically appoint Supreme Court justices who would overturn marriage equality in the nation.

He also promised to sign an amendment that would allow discrimination against LGBTQ individuals by government employees, and he appointed the deeply conservative and anti-LGBTQ campaigner, Mike Pence, as his Vice-President.

It was been a huge point of controversy, drawing sharp criticism from the gay community and their big throng of supporters.

His fierce stance of LGBTQ issues has caused mass confusion about what Ivanka was meaning when she posted the photo of her daughter.

Some believed she was pushing a political agenda, and accused her of exploiting her daughter to do that.

Listen to the fall-out in the Mamamia office after Trump’s election. (Post continues after audio.)

Angry Trump supporters appeared to think Ivanka was trying to send a cryptic message she was pro-LGBTQ rights, unlike many who voted for her father.

“I’m a Trump supporter but why is your daughter wearing a rainbow? It’s a controversial political topic and children should be able to keep their innocence without being used for political issues such as this. I’m disappointed,” one wrote.

Others have hit back to defend Ivanka and her daughter, saying people are the jumper out of context.

“Why is everyone freaking out about the rainbow pin let the girl live damn,” a comment read.

Ivanka has not commented on the issue so we can’t be sure what her intention was with the rainbow sign — if  there was even any in the first place.

Only one thing’s for sure here: kids like rainbows.

What do you think of the photo? Simply a shirt or is these something more?

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