Step aside, coconut water. There's a new delicious superfood in town for 2017.

Sorry coconut water, it was fun while it lasted, but we’re going to need you step aside because there’s a new superfood juice in town and it’s sweeter, pinker and juicer than you ever could be.

Yes, you’re reading this right, the humble watermelon – AKA the timeless snack of summer barbeques and school holidays – has officially been deemed the superfood of 2017 thanks to none other than the queen of all trends, Beyonce, who recently invested in a new bottled beverage company called WTRMLN WTR (it’s like lemonade, but cooler and without vowels) that offers cold-pressed watermelon water to those seeking inner wellness harmony.

is watermelon a superfood
This is what the future looks like. Source: iStock.

According to people in the know, (because eating watermelon in its natural state is so not a thing anymore) the juice of the watermelon has been labelled as "the future of clean hydration" due to its high levels of electrolytes and L-Citrulline. And the seeds? Well, they're pretty on trend too, with one UK company selling them roasted and salted on their own.


But before you go out all guns blazing and invest your life's earning into a watermelon farm, it's worth taking a minute to hear from the other side.

is watermelon a superfood
Happiness is but a watermelon away. Source: iStock.

Sydney-based dietitian Dr Joanna McMillan isn't totally sold on the idea.

Speaking to Good Foodshe said "I think it's another fad. Watermelon water is high in sugars (even if naturally present). When it comes to hydration, people just need water. But, if you're looking for health benefits, eating [the fruit] whole is the best option for a low kilojoule treat."

Fad or not, watermelon is pretty darned delicious, so let's just kick in and pretend we're changing the world, one slice of fruit at a time anyway.