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Is Sam from Bachelor in Paradise bald? We investigate.


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This is happening.

You see, some weird and wonderful characters have gone through the Bachelor franchise over the years.

But none have piqued the public’s interest quite like… Sam Cochrane’s hair.

While in the past some have dubbed it a man bun (*cough* me *cough*), or a comb over, or a weird lookin’ birdnest thing-y, none have really been able pinpoint exactly what kind of ‘do it is.

But then Tara came along and rightly named it a frullet (that’s a front mullet for those of you playing along at home).

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But the question remains… what’s under the frullet?

Is Sam bald and is he trying to cover it up? Or is he just really diggin’ the frullet?

Like any good spotlight journalist I decided to launch an investigation, nay, a hairvestigation.

I spent hours highlighting official looking documents and examining the frullet under the microscope, and this is what I discovered.

Sam is kind of bald.

You see, he has a widow’s peak. Which basically means he has a v-shaped growth of hair towards the centre of his forehead. A v-shaped receding hairline if you will.

You are the most beautiful human I’ve ever met. You show me everyday that love is real. You allow me to be the guy I always wanted to be but never quite could until I found you. Tara keeps hugging me while I write this. Falling in love is something that some of us get to experience once, maybe twice and some people are still looking. To the people that have showed me the support and love. Your messages are seen and treasured. I thank you all and I’m proud that I got to share our message of love with you all. Your support means the world. I will take care of her. She is an angel. This world needs love and tonight as I cried watching a truly beautiful love story I simply feel lucky and wish everyone the opportunity to feel this too. I’m going to roll over and kiss my fiancé @tarapavlovic 3000 times. Sending you all the warmest regards. Thank you. ????✨????❤️….????

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Sam confirmed it himself on Tuesday while appearing on the Kyle and Jackie O Show.

A listener called into the show and asked the bachie alum whether he was bald.

“I’ve got a widow’s peak, mate,” he replied. “It’s just hair.”

Sam also told the show he liked wearing hats… which is important.

“Hats are comfy. I live in hats,” he said.

So there you have it. Sam is a lil’ bit bald. He has a frullet and he quite likes hats.

Case closed.