This is a pretty good reason to stop getting rid of your pubic hair.


Despite how counter-intuitive it may be, on the whole, humans seem to really love removing their pubic hair. But is its removal leaving you susceptible to health problems like STIs?

According to AsapSCIENCE creators Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown, it just might be.

So is pubic hair good for you?

In a video recently posted to their Youtube channel, the Canadian duo outline the pros and cons of keeping things au naturel, as well as exploring why it is we have pubic hair in the first place. After all, we have to assume that evolution kept it there for a reason.

Let’s hear it for the bush! Source: AsapSCIENCE.

When defending the importance of the bush’s place, ASAPScience argue that shaving and waxing creates “microscopic abrasions on the skin which can become infected and even transmit a myriad of sexually transmitted diseases.

“It has been theorised that pubic hair removal also correlates directly with the rise of gonorrhea, chlamydia and HPV infections,” they say.

Interestingly, instances of public lice (or crabs) has decreased since waxing and shaving began to rise in popularity.

But let’s not forget the other issues that come along with hair removal. There’s tenderness, itching, ingrown hairs and horror stories that Embarrassing Bodies dream about hearing.

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And infections aside, the most common genital injuries that make it to American hospital emergency rooms are the result of pubic hair removal.


On the topic of why we have pubic hair, ASAPScience say there are two main theories that the scientists back.

The first is that it protects us from friction during intercourse and acts as a sign to show the world our bodies are ready for procreation.

The other theory is that the pubic hair allows your apocrine glands (found only in your armpits and crotch regions) to secrete a special sexy scent that differs from body odour and is thought to allure potential partners.

An accurate depiction of how men react to women raising their arms. Source: AsapSCIENCE.

Body odours aside, would a heightened risk of contracting an STI stop you from waxing or shaving?

We talk about pubic hair and all its different forms below… 

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