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Police in Sydney search for missing 11yo girl.

Police in Sydney are searching for a young girl who has been missing since 6:30pm on Saturday night.

Michelle Levy left her home in North Bondi at about 6:30pm after a family argument. While she has been known to leave home before, it has only been for very short periods of time.

Police hold concerns for her safety and have been searching for her across the Eastern Suburbs, particularly in Centennial Park.

She is described as about 150cm tall and of Caucasian appearance, with a thin build, long red hair, blue eyes and freckles. She was wearing a white dress with black, orange and yellow flowers and a black sash at the time of her disappearance.




A picture taken on December 15, 2008 at a court in Tehran shows Iranian Reyhaneh Jabbari speaking to defend herself during the first hearing of her trial for the murder of a former intelligence official. Jabbari who is awaiting an impending death sentence for slaying of former intelligence official Morteza Abdolali Sarbandi, could be forgiven if 'she tells the truth', the victim's son said on April 19, 2014 as a UN human rights monitor claims the crime was done in self-defence against a potential rapist. (image vi Getty).
A picture taken on December 15, 2008 at a court in Tehran shows Iranian Reyhaneh Jabbari speaking to defend herself during the first hearing of her trial for the murder of a former intelligence official.(image via Getty

An Iranian woman has been executed for murdering her abuser.

Reyhaneh Jabbari, a 26-year-old woman from Iran, has been executed after spending five years on death row for the murder of a former intelligence officer.

Jabbari was sentenced to death for stabbing officer Morteza Abdolali Sarbandi in 2007, ABC reports.

The human rights rapporteur who had reviewed Jabbari’s case said she was acting in self defence, attacking Sarbandi after he sexually abused her in his apartment.

Under Sharia Law only the victim’s relatives could have cancelled or postponed the execution. Despite the UN’s insistence the trial was deeply flawed, Sarbandi’s family remained convinced that Jabbari was guilty of premeditated murder.

US State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki released a statement saying, “We join our voice with those who call on Iran to respect the fair trial guarantees afforded to its people under Iran’s own laws and its international obligations.”

More than 250 people have been executed in Iran in 2014 alone, according to the UN.


New official warnings against a particular type of selfie.

The government and police have joined forces to condemn young Australians who are taking ‘car selfies’ while driving.

Currently across social media platforms there are thousands of pictures tagged ‘carselfie’, ‘drivinghome’, and ‘drivingselfie’ as people take pictures whilst behind the wheel.

In their latest ‘Get Your Hands Off It’ campaign, Australians are warned against taking ‘car selfies’. In the campaign, a young woman is shown crashing her car after taking an Instagram picture of her latte whilst driving.

Assistant Police Commissioner John Hartley has issued a stern warning, saying: “Anyone who is seen holding and using a phone in their car is committing an offence regardless of whether it is a having a conversation, sending a text or taking a ‘selfie’. Our message is a simple one – if your phone is not in an approved cradle, don’t use it.”

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten reaffirms stance on same-sex marriage.

Federal Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has attacked those who are critical of same-sex marriage and ‘blended families’ like his own in a speech to the Australian Christian Lobby at their national conference in Canberra yesterday.

“When I hear people invoking the scriptures to attack blended families like mine…I cannot stay silent. I do not agree. When I see people hiding behind the bible to insult and demonise people on the basis of who they love, I cannot stay silent, I do not agree,” he said.

The Opposition Leader had been criticised for accepting the invitation to speak at the national conference of the ACL, a self-described political action group lobbying for Christian values in government and legislation. The ACL have previously maintained a highly-organised and well funded political campaign against same-sex marriage in Australia.


Supporters of equal rights called upon Mr Shorten to boycott the event, and encouraged the Hyatt Hotel to refuse to host the delegates.

You can read extracts of Mr Shorten’s speech here.

Rescue mission to save Australian teenage ‘Ginger Jihadi’ abandoned.

The rescue mission planned to save Abdullah Elmir, a 17-year-old Australian who has joined Islamic state fighters in Iraq, has been abandoned due to fears those involved would be breaching federal foreign incursion laws.

Abdullah ran away with his friend Fiez, 16, in June. Last week he appeared in a video released by IS where he condemned Tony Abbott and threatened to seek revenge.

Lawyers, an interpretor, members from Sydney’s Muslim community and Channel 7’s Sunday Night program were planning to travel to Lebanon to coax the teenager back home. However, the trip has been abandoned due to fears they would be charged with assisting a foreign fighter if Abdullah accepted the food and water they offered, but refused to come home.

Australian Medical Association condemns Australia’s response to Ebola threat.

Professor Brian Owler, the President of the Australian Medical Association, has criticised the Abbott government’s strategies for dealing with the Ebola virus should it spread to Australia.

Despite the Federal Health Department saying 20 Australian caseworkers have been trained to treat Ebola, Professor Owler said the AMA had not received information of who they are or how they have been equipped.


“Who are these people?” he said. “If anything is going to be irresponsible it would be a last-minute announcement about people who are ill-equipped or ill-trained to go and do this dangerous work”.

He also criticised the government’s messages about the virus, stating: “People should be reassured that the risk of transmission of that infection is very, very, low, but obviously it is a concern.”

The Ebola death toll is currently at 4,922. 10,114 cases have so far been recorded by the World Health Organisation.

 A British schoolgirl, the ‘first to beat’ rare form of brain cancer, has passed away.

Claudia Burkill, 8,  the first person in the world thought to have ‘beaten’ a rare form of brain cancer has passed away.

Four months ago, Claudia Burkill’s family announced that her terminal brain cancer was in remission and she was no longer classed as terminally ill. Their happy news was shared around the world and praised by doctors as a miracle.

But last night, only a few short months after celebrating their miracle, Claudia’s family announced that she had passed away in her sleep.

The announcement was made on the family’s Facebook page, Claudia’s Cause. It read: