Help me! A confused person’s guide to the new Instagram update.

ICYMI, Instagram has officially started rolling out its latest update, and boy has it caused some kerfuffle. 

In short, our favourite photo-sharing app has taken on a personal mission to wipe out all other social media apps – and it has resulted in obvious fury from users. 

Not only is the app being called out for wiping our friends from our feeds (AKA those we choose to follow), and implementing advertisement posts more frequently, but they've also introduced features that are alike to social media giant TikTok.


Because of this, you may have noticed that Instagram has recently made a few cute changes to your feed.

Here is absolutely everything you need to know about the new Instagram update.

1. What's different?

Quite a few changes have been made to the platform. Here are all the ones you need to know about.

Dimensions on IG have been super-sized.

This is a major update that Instagram has rolled out in recent weeks and basically means videos and photos will take up even more real estate on our phones. If you didn't notice, everything looks a lot bigger these days on IG and the platform plans to keep it that way.  

What happened to all my friends? 

With these new rollouts, the algorithm has also become more complex. Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri wrote: "We use a variety of algorithms, classifiers, and processes, each with its own purpose. We want to make the most of your time, and we believe that using technology to personalise your experience is the best way to do that." 

Basically, the platform is pushing photos and reels that are more "relevant" to the user and are more timely.

So. Many. More. Ads.

Nope. You're not imagining it. Instagram has introduced a record new number of advertisements on the main feed.


A remix... for photos. 

Despite every single user's experience with the new IG, Instagram has made it clear they are not turning its back on their bread and butter – AKA photos. One way they're doing that is by giving users the ability to remix public photos into reels.

Expanded layouts, adding your own clips and dual recording.

Basically, just a bunch of extra add-ons to the reels-making process which is supposed to make it easier for users to edit inside of the app, rather than turning to other editing applications. 

For example, some of the new add-ons include a green screen feature, a horizontal or vertical split-screen feature and even a reaction view so we can add video commentary to reels that have already been made.


Instagram has also implemented an option to add a new clip to already existing reels (just in case you want to add in your two cents).

Dual recording is a new feature as well and basically means we can record content and our own reaction at the same time. In short, you can use your phone's front and back camera simultaneously.

2. What's better about it?

Honestly, not all that much. 

Some wise, older person once said "good things take time," but it's looking like no one is going to ever be okay with the fundamental shifts Instagram has made in the last few months. With its latest update, users have made clear they're utterly over it. 


3. How does it work?

Instagram is pushing content that is more timely, relevant and what they believe would be more interesting to you. The goal is to make the user stay on the app for as long as possible, so the platform is sweeping through all the available content and curating a feed they think you might like best. 


4. Can I get the old version back?

In short, no. 

If you're looking for a longer answer, Instagram have made it clear that these new changes are here to stay. 

In a clip to the app, Mosseri shared why we could expect to see changes in the long run.

"We're moving Instagram to a place where video is a bigger part of the home experience where the content is more immersive, takes up more of the screen or larger part of [the] feed, our recommendations, things we think you might love but you might not have heard of yet," he explained. "We're trying to figure out how to advance Instagram forward."

5. Why have Instagram done this?

Instagram is a business, and since the application is technically free, it means we are the product to sell and be sold to. 

While the platform have said the changes are to make the interface simpler, easier and better to use, they've also made it more effective for businesses to promote their products. Plus, it makes it easier to amplify sponsored content (and content we haven't seen before) more seamlessly.

As to whether that's actually a positive or not, we'll let you decide.

Feature Image: Instagram / Mamamia.

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