The subtle photo trick Instagram's biggest stars have in common.

If you’re anything like me, your Instagram game is just a little lame.

Your followers are in the low hundreds and you occasionally post a photo of your dog or a selfie that took you at least six hours to take.

When you take a selfie, you just try really hard to hide your chins and keep your eyes open long enough to point the camera and take the shot.

Yet you spend hours scrolling through your feed wondering how you live on the same planet as the sun-drenched stylish goddesses you follow. They just seem to nail it.

In reality, the secret to their success is simply picking up on the latest photo posing trends and rolling with them (usually with the help of a professional stylist and photographer).

Here’s a round up of the posing tricks your favourite Insta stars are all over:

They never show their faces.

As Babe recently pointed out, you’ve probably never seen your favourite grammers’ faces. Not in full, anyway.

Yep, they never look directly at the camera. They cover their faces with their hair, their hands, or even a big pair of sunnies. They’ve nailed that casual ‘looking off into the distance’ pose, and there’s a very clever reason they do this.

It’s all about creating mystery and allowing their followers to use their imagination – if you can’t see their face, it’s much easier to imagine yourself on that yacht in the Bahamas or wearing that designer dress.

Boats killing my vibe

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Golden saturday ????????

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They’ve all lost their contact lenses.

As a natural extension of hiding their faces, Insta pros really know how to nail the ‘I’m staring at the ground because I just lost my contact lens’ pose.

Yep, if you scroll through Instagram you might start to think there’s a worldwide epidemic of lost contact lenses.

But never fear, it’s just fashun.

The contact lenses are fine people, they’re fine. (Post continues.)


They’ve nailed the Bambi pose.

Elle writer Julie Schott dubbed this Instagram trend du jour the ‘Bambi pose’. Yes. As in the animated fawn whose mother’s untimely death traumatised a generation of children.

The uncomfortable-looking sitting position is characterised by the poseur’s calves being curled and tucked demurely beneath their thighs.

Just like a little baby deer…with a little more bikini action.

@laquan_smith even has me together at the pool

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The things everyone does on Instagram that we are too embarrassed to admit. Post continues…

They’ve tried and moved on from Fingermouthing.

About 12 months ago, any Instagrammer worth their salt was fingermouthing.

Don’t worry, we haven’t accidentally stumbled into porn territory – fingermouthing simply involves dangling your fingers seductively in front of your mouth.

Buzzfeed, who coined the term, says the pose is intended to look careless and candid. Fingermouthing is said to help frame the face, bring focus to your lips and can show off newly manicured nails.

But, in reality, it just looks like everyone is trying really hard not to bite their nails.

weekend ????????????????????????

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Have you noticed any other Insta trends? Share them in the comments below. 

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