Instagram launches shopping tool so you can buy stuff straight from your feed.

Last week Zara launched online shopping in Australia. This week Instagram announces shopping through the app.

Next week who bloody knows what will happen but we’re considering going back to a Nokia 6110 if we ever want to have some money in savings.

Anyway, back to Instagram Shopping.

It launched in the US last year, and now it’s Australia’s turn (along with Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK).

Now, you don’t have to take screenshots into stores to show the sales assistant, or try to find the item on the store’s own website – because from today you’ll start to see retailers and business accounts tag their pictures with the product name and price, with an option to click through the buy the item, then and there.

Even better news if you’re a Lady Startup - you can start using the feature, too, to make buying your products easier for your Instagram followers.


“From today, those with a business profile can begin using this innovative feature by tagging products within their Instagram posts or through the shop button, enhancing the overall customer experience by taking users from inspiration right through to purchase,” Naomi Shepherd, Group Industry Director at Facebook and Instagram ANZ said in a brand statement.

Here’s how:

  • Ensure that your profile is converted into a business profile.
  • Become an admin on a Page or set up a Business Manager account.
  • Have a 'shop' on Facebook or a 'product catalogue' within Business Manager.
  • You’re good to go!

Instagram is launching with three retail partners, Country Road, Myer and PepperMayo, so you'll see the feature pop up on their feed from now on.

It’ll also roll out to business accounts which choose to use it. Say goodbye to all your monies.

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