The sickening world of the secret Facebook group that celebrates rape.


Content warning: This post contains themes that may be distressing to some readers.

Championing rape and sexual assault. Depraved images of children. Misogynistic messages and slander.

Welcome to “Blokes Advice”, the male-only Facebook page where 200,000 members flock to discuss “how to convince a slut to do anal”, with many suggesting to “knock her unconscious”.

Where the phone numbers and social media handles of young women (“gangas” and “mingas”) are horrifyingly made public, and where men are spurred on to bombard them with “cum shots” and images of “veiny cocks”.

"Lads I need a hand putting this minga in her place." (Image: Facebook)

On the page, one member named Dan detailed how he "started hate f*cking [a girl] at a party and let a couple of my brothers and mates gangbang her... she cried. I won."

The "secret" page had mostly dodged the public spotlight since its creation in May, until feminist commentator Clementine Ford dragged the cesspool of sexism onto her own Facebook page and slammed it for "rape celebration".

Ford also had a powerful message for the woman whose rape was orchestrated by Dan.

"If you are the woman Dan is referring to here, please feel comfortable getting in touch with me and I will support you to go to the police," she wrote.

"Let a couple of my brothers and mates gangbang her haha." (Image: Facebook)

Another notable Blokes Advice post is one that juxtaposes an image of a seven-year-old girl with a runny nose, with one of an 18-year-old girl with semen on her face.

Mamamia has chosen to not publish the image.

Shockingly, the Courier Mail is also reporting Gable Tostee — the man accused of murdering New Zealand tourist Warreina Wright in August 2014 — has contributed to the page under a new name, Eric Thomas. In multiple posts, "Eric" has boasted about sleeping with 260 women, and given tips to other members on how to use Tinder.


Tostee is due to stand trial for murder in Brisbane’s Supreme Court on October 31.

Gable Tostee and Warreina Wright. (Images: Facebook/Seven News)

The Red Heart Campaignan anti domestic violence group, has jumped at the opportunity to name and shame the men involved on their Facebook page, who have mostly deleted their social media profiles since.

The group also revealed that a condition of entry into Blokes Advice is to "provide vile and explicit photographs" before joining. A petition to shut down the page has also been created by the organisation, which you can sign here.

Meanwhile, men on the charming website are standing by the page and its content, claiming their words and images have been 'taken out of context'.

Previously, the Blokes Advice creator Brock Paulke told the Daily Telegraph the page had good intentions, and would "help" people "eventually".

“I want to do good out of this group,” he said.

“I’ve said on the group that we need to keep things within the rules of the group, and blokes that are breaching the rules have been removed. We eventually want to get things to a stage where blokes can actually help each other out, talk about issues that they usually wouldn’t."

When "eventually" rolls around isn't exactly clear, however, and it seems Brock now has a lot more explaining to do.

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