Excruciatingly awkward. In A Lift With: Andrew Daddo.

Ah, the lift. It’s a beautiful place where strangers can awkwardly shuffle from foot-to-foot in the hopes nobody will speak to them.

If you have ever been in the lift with a celebrity you may have fought the urge to say something, anything, that isn’t, “I’ve seen you on the telly…”


At Mamamia, we like to do things differently, so we’ve placed a camera and a member of staff in our lift in order to take advantage of all those wonderful moments.

This week sees awkward rider Clare Geber ask television personality and This Glorious Mess podcast host Andrew Daddo all the hard questions.



Questions like, "Are you a Daddo...?"

Daddo played along nicely but we have a feeling he knew we were up to something - was it the camera crew that gave us away?

The best part of sharing the elevator with a celebrity is that that no matter what you say or how you smell, your fellow occupant can only leave once they've reached their floor.

In our eyes, it can only be a recipe for success.

Daddo isn't just a great lift rider but also an excellent father. Listen to his tips and tricks in the latest episode of our parenting podcast, This Glorious Mess.

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