The massive spoiler you probably missed during the 'I'm a Celebrity' finale.

About ten minutes before Natalie Bassingthwaighte was officially named the second runner-up on the I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here Australia finale last night, the country was already hedging its bets after Nazeem Hussain blurted a massive spoiler to the show’s live audience.

The comedian — who was evicted from the South African camp a few days ago — was having a chinwag with hosts Julia Morris and Chris Brown when he accidentally let slip the singer had come in third.

I’M OUT!! THANK YOU EVERYONE for alllll your love and votes! Despite the gross food trials, swimming with sneaky snakes, and waking up to baboons poo’ing next to my bed, the last 45 days have been sooooo much fun. I’m honoured to have lived with some of the most inspirational and well loved people in Australia – I never thought I’d sleep in a jungle next to my childhood hero – Lisa Curry, or eat maggots with my new sister Casey Donovan. I owe it all to you guys for keeping me in there. I’m so genuinely blown away by all your messages of support.. you’ve given this skinny, bearded guy a lump in his throat. I want to group hug all of you, and then repeatedly gag in your faces. Thank you to my wife and family for loving me enough to let me run away for so long. And super special love to @becsutherland who somehow manages this idiot, love you to the long drop and back x

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“It’s sort of sad to see Nat come in third because they all should be first. But that’s not how it works, huh?” he told Morris who tried her best to gloss over the gaffe.

“I know, I think, everyone feels that way, that they’re all worthy winners, so, to see one go is like, ‘ugh’,” she replied.

But Twitter was all over it, and the gags started flowing within seconds:

As far as live TV finale stuff ups go, it wasn’t quite on the scale of Sarah Murdoch infamously naming the wrong winner on season 6 of Australia’s Next Top Model, but a Network Ten spokesperson did apologise for the stuff-up, according to

Hussain was slightly sheepish in the aftermath too.

Ahhh… the joys of live television.

Anyway, for those who missed it, singer Casey Donovan was eventually named queen of the jungle with footy star Dane Swan coming in in second place.

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