Identical twins from Queensland speak in unison in weirdest TV interview ever.


Being twins is one thing, but speaking in sync, well that’s a whole other ball game.

This pair of Aussie identical twins have left viewers around the world stunned after they spoke in unison for a full four-minute live TV interview.

Brisbane sisters Paula and Bridgette Powers claim to have never spent more than 10 minutes apart, let alone a day, and told Good Morning Britain their manner of speaking “just happens automatically”.

The 42-year-olds shot down accusations they prepared their answers.

“We don’t know how it happens. Some people go, ‘do you rehearse a conversation?’ And we say ‘no, how can you rehearse a conversation?’ It’s a bit stupid.”

This is by no means the first time that Bridgette and Paula have snagged the attention of the internet. You might well recall this viral clip from a 2014 episode of Insight on SBS.

However this is the first time the pair have been captured speaking in unison for four minutes straight in a live interview.

Show co-host Piers Morgan can hardly contain himself from the get-go, and likens the two to characters out of Star Trek.

“How can you keep a straight face? This is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen,” Morgan said.

And we’ve got to admit, they do speak rather robotically. Or perhaps that’s just how we’d all sound if we learned to articulate ultra carefully. But the pair even giggle in unison and in exactly the same way. PLEASE EXPLAIN.

Probed on their love lives, Paula and Bridgette declare they are “very, very busy” with their work running Twinnies Pelican and Seabird Rescue.


“We’ve got no time for men in our lives. We’ve given all our love to the wildlife,” they said.


Not to mention, the two still share a bedroom, and they barely spend a minute apart.

"All our time is spent together because we have the same interests, we go shopping together, we go rescue together, we work as a great team together... We never get sick of one another."

When asked how identical they felt, they responded: "Sometimes we do feel like we are just one person, but we know that we are individuals." So at least there's that.

But of course, the pair can't answer what they find most annoying about one another because, well, they'd be "talking about ourselves". Duh.

As for their many haters, they just shrug it off.

"We know that we annoy a lot of people out there but it's just like water running off a duck's back to us," they said.


While Morgan blustered "this is one of the greatest interviews I've ever conducted in my life," his co-host Susanna Reid, while shocked, managed to keep a straight face throughout and finished by commending the pair for their incredible bond.

The interview frustrated viewers on social media, with many accusing them of being annoying or faking it. Others pointed out there appeared to be one twin who led the other.


You can watch the full interview below.