Five clever ways to ward off boredom these school holidays, from a mother who knows.

KFC Big Bash League
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You can feel it in the air, the sun’s bite getting stronger everyday.

The scent of Jacarandas and Eucalypts, the sting of chlorine and the smell of leather cricket balls.  Your kids have a slight giddiness to them each day after school. The general slowing down of everyone around you.

It’s coming.

School holidays.

Summer holidays in Australia have a certain uniqueness to them.


Shauna and her kids. Image: supplied.

There is the thrill of Christmas, then the long lazy days of late December and January. Six weeks to fill with fun, and laughter, sunshine, sport and endless drenchings of the garden hose.

All very good in theory until the time actually comes and the sound of cicadas chirping is replaced with the sound of children crowing that summer holiday battle call: “Muuuuummm I’m bored.”

It pays to be prepared. To think ahead. To ensure the battle is won (by you) before it even begins. So here’s our essential school holiday activity checklist, what to look out for, what to prioritise and what to avoid.

1. It must be fun and entertaining.

It’s the number one factor -  the activities you choose need to be fun. They need to hold the interest of your kids. They need to be action-packed and a little bit thrilling.

It’s easy to drag the kids down to the local park but that’s something you can do any old time. Look for something that leaves memories, something they’ll remember.

Think international stars and a party-like atmosphere. Think fireworks and entertainment.

Enter the Big Bash League.


Hello party-like atmosphere. Image: supplied.

2. Easy for you.

This is the second factor that must rate pretty highly in considering a school holiday activity – it has to work for you, after all you are going to be there too. With three kids I’ve done my fair share of sitting through both terrific and slightly torturous school holiday movies.

I’ve seen enough talking ants and powerless princesses to last a lifetime.

I’m hoping for something these school holidays that works for me too. Because after a year of hard work and rushing about sometimes mum and dad just want to kick back.

It needs to be easy to access, with parking and all those vital things you need when carting around children – toilets and snack bars.


Sound to me like the Big Bash League, with 35 matches played over 40 days there is sure to be is time to suit your schedule.

3. Fast.

Kids don’t have the greatest attention spans, do they?

Whatever activity you pick needs to have a duration that’s kid friendly. The great thing about the Big Bash League is the pace of the game. It’s shorter than a traditional cricket game and filled with music, lights, entertainment, big screens and fireworks. Last year when we went my four-year-old daughter was captivated by the boundary performers and the “big fire” as she called it.

In the few short hours, we were there we danced, we sang, we cheered and we yelled and by the time it wrapped up we felt like we’d had an amazing day out.


We danced, we sang, we cheered and had an amazing day out. Image:supplied.

4. Affordable.

School holiday activities can put a big strain on your budget. Amusement parks and museum visits quickly add up into the hundreds for an average family so it’s really important to try and find something that won’t tip the scales.

The BBL is a great value option for an entertaining day for the whole family. General admission family tickets start from $42.50 – compare that to a lot of other ticketed events and you will see just what good value it is.

5. Safe.

Yes, we want fun and adventure, yes we want thrills and excitement but what parents want foremost is to just make it through the holidays unscathed. We want an activity that is safe for the whole family. The BBL is a great family friendly event with an atmosphere everyone can enjoy.

If your aim is to get the kids away from the screens, to get your kids more active and to create some happy family memories these school holidays then take a look at the Big Bash League – it sure ticks all the boxes I am looking to fill these holidays.

How will you spend these school holidays?