This bag will actually change your life.

This bag will solve all your smartphone problems.

It was 8am on a Sunday and I was at the airport, searching frantically for a powerpoint.

The battery on my iPhone had descended into the dreaded red zone, and I really needed it to be in the green zone so that I could deal with some urgent work emails – and also have enough battery in case of an emergency on the plane.

But in this modern day and age, powerpoints have become a precious commodity – especially in airports, where every man and their toddler are toting all the electronic devices they own.

I finally found a powerpoint… that was wedged between one of those mechanical kiddie rides and a bin. The mechanical kiddie ride was (appropriately) shaped like an airplane. It was bolted to the ground. So was the bin.

There was not a whole lot of room between the two. But I did it anyway. I let my pride go, and I wedged myself in between that bin and that ride. Then I unplugged the ride, and plugged in my iPhone.

Oh, that sweet, sweet sound of when your phone connects to a power source. I breathed a sigh of relief and continued to deal with my work emails as I sat against the wall, with my head squished underneath the wing of the mechanical airplane.

No more stressing about this.

Yeah, it was maybe one of the lower points of my life. But I’m not sorry.

I’m just not one of those nonchalant people that just shrug their shoulders when their phone dies, and tuck it back into their bags, patiently waiting until they’re home before plugging it into their charger.

I can become quite frantic once my phone begins to die – especially because it’s such an important part of my work day. In fact, I’ve developed rather intricate systems in place to make sure it doesn’t. A charger at home, and one at work. One in my handbag for emergency situations.


I even used to wish that I could carry a powerpoint around. But thankfully, the Smartphone Gods looked upon my predicament and delivered something that is 1000% better.

It’s a bag that charges your phone. A pretty bag that charges your phone. While you’re out and about.

I know, I know. It’s the foolproof method to ensure that you’ll actually have access to your phone when you really need it – regardless of whether you’re the kind of person who uses it every minute of every day, or the kind who doesn’t pay it very much attention, but just needs it to be charged when you actually have to use it – to call the kids, or find something on Google Maps, or whatever.

It’s called the Hustle Bag. Take a look, because the video explains it better than I could:

For those who can’t watch the video, or just want a very brief explanation of how this could possibly work: the Hustle Bag has a micro USB connection incorporated into the bag and comes with iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 connectors too. It can charge any other smartphone with the connector – so it doesn’t matter if you don’t have an iPhone, or need to switch things up between phones down the track. Plus, the bag itself charges wirelessly from a very clever charge pad.

And for the menfolk out there? Your charging woes have not been forgotten. There’s a wallet version available too, which is just as clever.

If anyone wants to buy me one in every colour for Christmas – I’m sure I wouldn’t be upset to see them under the tree…

Are you a smartphone addict like me? Ever gone to some serious lengths to find yourself a charger and/or a powerpoint?

You can buy yourself a Hustle Bag here