This husband mistook his wife's menstrual cup for something else and OH DEAR GOD NO.

When it comes to periods, there are many things that men will simply never understand.

Like what it’s like to feel as though your uterus is being twisted and punched and pulled all at the same time.

Or that no, inserting a tampon is not an orgasm-inducing activity.

But one husband made the ultimate error when he mistook his wife’s menstrual cup for… a popular kitchen tool.

Sharing the hilarious tale on her business’ Facebook page, Cindy Hobbs revealed she had left her menstrual cup sitting on the kitchen bench after her toddler found it in her room.

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But the next day, when she went to open a packet of rice to make dinner, Cindy saw her menstrual cup sitting among the grains.


No. No no no no no no. Image via Facebook.

Curious, she texted her husband, asking him if he knew anything about the menstrual cup's little adventure.

"I used it to measure the rice last night," he responded.

"It said 3 cups of rice."

Image via Facebook.

Um...we're pretty sure three cups and three menstrual cups are two entirely different modes of measurement.

Cindy then had to break the news that what he had unwittingly served up rice with a side of uterine lining.

"It's my MENSTRUAL CUP YOU DICK POD!" she wrote.


Still confused, her Dear Husband appeared to think he had used a cup specifically reserved for making "menstalony soup" (spoiler: that's definitely not a thing).

When he finally figured out what Cindy was trying to say, we're guessing his face looked a little bit like this:


With many questioning how on earth one could make such a mistake, Cindy clarified that she had, indeed, left the cup sitting right beside the packet of rice and her husband had simply (but incorrectly) put two and two together.

To be fair, for the uninitiated, a measuring cup and a menstrual cup can look... kind of the same. Except, perhaps, the size factor.

(Oh, and for the record, "it was clean, by the way", she said.)

Speaking to Scary Mommy, Cindy said the mishap is just another example of why she should never trust her husband in the kitchen.

"My husband is BAD in the kitchen and I should have never trusted him," she said.

"He can't cook at all, he burns toast, makes lumpy gravy, butchers fried egg... he's hopeless."

BUT, she said, there is a positive to the whole, slightly icky situation.

"He's constantly making me laugh and I wouldn't have him any other way."

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