Radio backflip: everyone who quit radio has changed their minds



Lock your doors and be alert, everyone.

The 2015 radio war is getting serious.

A recent bomb was dropped when Austereo announced the return of Hamish and Andy to the drive shift in July 2015.

Hamish and Andy. Oh, how we love.

2DayFM radio threw a grenade by announcing their line-up for the breakfast show in 2015. Melbourne-based Dan and Maz will be moving to the breakfast slot in Sydney, replacing the Jules and Merrick show (which had replaced the Kyle and Jackie O show, and then lost Mel B and Sophie Monk).

And now, KiisFM has set their guns a-blazing, by poaching Dave Hughes and Kate Langbroek from their old home at Nova, and throwing them into the drive shift to rival Hamish and Andy. ‘Hughesy and Kate’ were hugely popular for their 12-year breakfast radio stint at Nova, which ended in November last year.

‘Hughesy and Kate’: Dave Hughes and Kate Langbroek

Mix FM in Melbourne will be re-branded as Kiis FM. Kiis must have some seriously good candy (or money) over at their studio, because they lured Kyle and Jackie O last year (from 2DayFM) and then Hughesy and Kate (from Nova) for next year.


Chrissie and Jane, our favourite Mums chums.

SCARY NEWS: Rumour has it that our favourite Mix FM Melbourne Mum team Chrissie and Jane might be parting ways next year. Jane will remain in the slot, and be joined by Matt Tilley from Triple M. It is still unknown whether Chrissie will remain at Mix/Kiis, but we have all of our fingers and toes crossed.

Other rumours are that Merrick and Rosso might reunite, and that the radios of Australia might explode with entertainment overload.

Put your helmets on when you tune in to the airwaves next year. The ratings-war will have some seriously good soldiers.



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