There is a modern-day answer to the 'Alpha' male, and we like him. A lot.

Have you ever wondered why you can’t stop thinking about Hugh Jackman? Sure, he’s Wolverine and there’s something about those side burns and the razor-sharp hands. He could rescue you and cut open a pasta packet in one fell swoop.

But, the thing that makes Hugh Jackman special, really, has nothing to do with his biceps or ab definition (but have you seen his biceps and ab definition). No, it’s because he’s the embodiment of a new breed of man called the ‘Alta male’.

Let me introduce this type of man to you. He is friendly, intelligent and caring. (As well as little bit hot.)

Hugh Jackman is a typical "Alta Male". Image: Provided

(Just for the record, we've always considered Hugh Jackman to be a slightly more evolved human being. We were onto him from the start.)


Earlier this year footage emerged of Hugh Jackman saving his son's life in wild surf. Article continues after this video.

The term 'Alta Male' was coined by editor of men's publication COACH Magazine Ed Needham, who was trying to figure out just who the modern man is.

Think Hugh Jackman, think Justin Trudeau...

Hugh Jackman (left) and Justin Trudeau typify the new "Alta" male. Images: Provided

Think Professor Brian Cox...

Professor Brian Cox is a BBC TV presenter, physicist and former pop star. Image: BBC, YouTube

And Eddie Redmyre...

'Think British actor, model and singer Eddie Redmayne.' Image: Provided

Research, conducted by COACH Magazine and consumer agency Join the Dots found that both the 'Alpha' and the 'blokey' male are completely outdated and, judging from the huge spike in the sale of male razors, the hipster is slowly dying off.

Goodbye hipster with your deconstructed everything and your beards and your man buns.

'Judging from the huge spike in men's razor sales, the hipster is finally dying.' Image: Provided

Needham says men are rejecting the stereotypes that have called for them to be strong role models, slightly removed and taciturn.

"Instead they have opted to build their own personality, using the infinite possibilities that a digital society provides," he wrote for the Mirror. "That emphasises personal satisfaction over frantic career building, unrewarding social obligations and competitive car purchasing."

Want to find yourself one of these 'Alta Males'? Here's what to look out for:

He isn't ashamed of his hobbies;
He puts his kids before his career;
He is proud of who he is;
He is striving for work/life balance;
Mental and physical health are both important.

"He no longer feels the compulsion to be what society wants or expects him to be, or conform to a past stereotype or label," Needham explains. "He’d rather connect with other people than create a 'good impression'."

Let the evolution continue.